A perfect birthday present…

I myself can’t believe up to now that I won an HP Mini Netbook just for blogging the first ever Trendlabs BlogCon.  Though, I admit that I wished for this, it’s just that.. ummmm.. ah… ewan!

Can’t believe it really.  When I first saw my name in the email from Andy’s PC, I think all I said was “whoah-whoah-whoah”  — but I didn’t scream.. I hope..

It’s quite surprising because for the longest time, I haven’t had any “luck” like this.  When I was younger, I really thought I was lucky in life because I often win in raffles and in various contests but as I grow older, it changed.  I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here or else you won’t continue reading :.  My mind’s clogged up with awe at that moment that I did not even know what to react.

My excitement was somehow replaced by a pinch of pressure because it was sent to all Trend Micro employees (I hope in PH only) – and I bet they’re currently reading this if they bookmarked this blog 😀  After sometime, I also received comments from my colleagues and told me that they’ve read it.  I suddenly felt bothered because some may judge it the way that I don’t want to hear it.  Some may like it and some may even say that it’s not deserving to win.  I kinda prepared myself to it after minutes of thinking.  Though I haven’t received any insecure comments yet, I told myself that it’s not really the best blog anyone could read but it’s the sincerest and the most truthful article I have ever written – it’s very me.  I even recall writing it when I was very sleepy and just finished it in more or less an hour.

Nakakatuwa at sobrang nakakaoverwhelm lang ng nangyari.  For the past weeks, I was feeling down and awkward but not depressed.  It’s just that this is not the usual me.  Something’s really not in line with my everyday routine.  Until now, I don’t know what was it.  I think that happens for a reason to everybody.  Then one night I just prayed and felt sincere that it would go away.  God knows how to cheer me up.  This may not be the best gift but it’s a perfect present that came in a perfect time to make me realize that BRO won’t ever let me down.

My overflowing gratitude to the speakers who stand as judges and to the organizers of the Blogcon – parang awards night lang.



2 responses to “A perfect birthday present…

  1. aba..aba..aba..at may blog ka pala. at nanalo ka pa ng laptop..astig ka talaga dud! pero di ko malalaman until i found your blog in google.. tsk tsk tsk..maglihim daw talaga. hayy.. well happy birthday agen..wag kna madown..things happens just the way they are..at palagi kami andito friends mo..don’t ever forget that. okay?! pero di ko makalimutan..naborlog kami ni mitch sa sarap ng chicken ni ate..hehehe luv u dud!

  2. haha.. thanks harriet.. yeah, I planned to tell you about this pag nakita nyo na by yourselves.. hehehe napansin ko nga, wala naman pampatulog yung fried chicken eh.. haha 😛

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