Bora Madness

October 16-19, 2009 – This is the first time I’ve gone to Boracay.  Yeah, this post is long overdue but I don’t care eh eh eh eh eyr.. 😛 The trip was 45 minutes long from NAIA Terminal 2.  Weather was sunny but we have encountered some minor turbulence across the skies.




Indeed it’s all white sand at its finest – it did not disappoint me. The contrasting blue and green waters make it look relaxing and beautiful. Thanks to Adobe LIghtroom, I made it look more beautiful.. hehe The famous Bora sand castle was one of the things I looked for first when we arrived. Luckily, we found not just one but several of these along the seashore as we walk around. Some natives were asking for 10Php for a photo op with the sand castle but others only ask for a tip. It’s better to stare at it during night time – of course with the help of the candles on different edges of the castle.


First stop is “mamam” time. Mamam is a pinoy slang for social drinking – or hard drinking should I say. We had to walk more than 1 KM to reach Station 1 – we stayed in Casa Pilar (stn 3) by the way.

We went to Guilly’s Island but ended up in Cocomanga’s where dancing is everywhere. This is what we like doing – party hard hehe. Mitch ordered the kamikazee shaker – a mix of vodka and lemon or green calamansi juice I think which by the way tastes great. He’s by the way the “promoter” of the hard drinks 😛 Two refills are enough to make us tipsy and party-like-there’s-no –tomorrow on the dance floor.

First morning, we geared ourselves for snorkeling. The water is very much clear and a bit shallow. It looked like it’s calm but wait until you submerge yourself to it. It was uncommonly cold and you won’t notice the current until you realize that after hundreds of flap kicks, you’re still at the same place. We didn’t realize that current was strong until Boggs had this near-death-experience – thanks to kuya bangkero for saving his life. He nearly drowned because he kept on swimming back near the boat but the current was pushing him away. A life vest was immediately thrown at him and the rest was history. As Mitch said, “Na-traumatize ako” and that explains it all.






We continued the island hopping after that misadventure and explored PUKA Beach – yeah, you heard it right. Boat ride took us nearly 30-40 minutes. Zorb was one of the highlights of our stay. Strapped in a big transparent rubber ball, you can scream your heart out while rolling down the hill. You can also choose the “Hydro” zorb wherein the ball will be filled (but not full of course) with water and you can have your two other friends accompany you inside minus the straps. In this case, people inside might bump into each other but I haven’t seen the real outcome of it because all of us chose to be tied tight. It would be exciting to see those inside the ball hitting on each other ( just kidding!). For just 380Php, you can get thrilled and and a dose of after math headache in this 25-second ride. All in all the experience was memorable as my friend call it really “zorbgasmic” – but won’t try it ever again! :D.


The last day was spent mainly on the beach with a non-stop picture taking. Oh,  I almost forgot about the beagle (?) we met in Casa Pilar.  Be envious of how this little monster enjoys his life –  as a dog. See below for yourselves.




We’ve also gone to Mitch’s house in Kalibo after spending two days in Boracay. Thanks to his family for letting us invade their home and nurturing our bellies with nothing but good food! This is Aklan State University where his mom works as a Dean. We got to visit and explore the stations of the cross and eventually loitered around the campus only dressed up as if we just got out of bed.





Later that night, we went to a resort in Kalibo accompanied by Mitch’s parents.  I can’t recall its name and here we encountered another misadventure.  We rode a multi-purpose cab and parked.  Of course,  before you leave the cab we checked if the doors and windows are locked.  We then explored its premises even if it’s almost closed to the public.  We can barely see anything inside most of the lights are turned off.  We just took pictures and roam around.  When it’s time to leave, this misadventure came in to the picture.  The doors of the cab won’t open though we have the keys.  We need to call Mitch’s mom to tell what happened because we can’t leave without the cab.  They forgot to tell us that we should haven’t locked the doors because it’s defective.  Thanks to Manong guard and he used his “sundot-bintana” skills to open the door and again, the rest is history.

Last day came and we only spent the afternoon buying pasalubong, shirts, and everything then it’s time to go home.





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