Mapanuri Review: New Moon

Just got home from Eastwood Cinema and guess what movie did we watch? 😛


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Synopsis:  A teenage girl in love with a vampire is devastated when the vampire leaves her for fear of the danger that he brings into her life. The girl becomes self-destructive, but in doing so gains the attention of another boy who seeks to protect her, who has a secret of his own.


Not bad at all.  It did not fail the moviegoers to deliver what they expect – a much better sequel and enjoyable than the first.  It ran for more than 2 hours which is considered a very long flick.  Normally, 1 and a half hours is enough and more than that is already a burden –  not in the case of “New Moon”.  The storyline and editing of the film are quite consistent and straight to the point.  I never realized that it already took 2 hours because every scene was well-balanced and continuous. 

The scriptwriter injected lines with a twist of humor unlike its predecessor.  Another noticeable part is the delivery of cheesy lines – yeah it’s a teen flick so what could we expect? 😀  Kristen Stewart’s acting is consistent so as Robert Pattinson’s.  The division of the stars’ exposure is ample in its 2-hour run.  Though Victoria has minimal scenes as well as the rest of the Cullens and Dakota Fanning.  We’ll see more of her on the third installment – I think.  Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black) is a scene stealer everytime he shows up.  For obvious reasons, girls and “feeling” girls scream (not like Paranormal Activity screams) whenever he shows up shirtless.  He doesn’t seem to look 16 years old but yeah, that’s his age in the story.  He justified the role of a wolf and showcased a surprising acting though sometimes he sounds and delivers  like Pattinson. 

Overall, this teen flick won the hearts of both young ones and young once.  No wonder it has become of the most anticipated films of the year with $297M worldwide gross after a week of release.  Go ahead and see it for yourself – you may pick up some cheesy lines.


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