Toy Town’s up to 70% Holiday Sale!

Since it’s just 21 days before Christmas, Holiday bazaars and Mall Sales are everywhere.   If you plan to have toys as gifts for Christmas then Toytown is the best place for you.  Starting November 12, 2009 until January 15, 2010, Toytown holds its biggest sale up to 70% discount!  You can spot it near 711 Convenience Store in Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City.    


The place is airconditioned so don’t worry about the temperature when it gets crowded inside.  The outlet store is spacious enough to accomodate a hundred or so people and the toys are still well organized – let’s just wait a few days more at makikita mo na yung barbie doll katabi ng transformers.. hehe Check out some of the toys and how low the prices are. 

For the Boys and tight-budgeted:


This is a remote-control car about 4-5 inches in length which is only priced 200Php.  Nakakatuwa lang kasi may head at tail lights pa.  It comes in black, yellow and this one blue plus an ambulance.  I wonder kung nagwawang-wang rin yung ambulansya.. 😀


This Helicopter is priced 50Php only.  It’s not battery operated so that’s what makes it cheap but a cool gift for little boys.  Below is a Transformer priced at 400Php – originally 1500Php.  It’s not an official merchandise off the Transformer movie franchise but they’re cool to collect and they tranform as well.


 For the girls:


There are still a lot of choices to choose from.  From small toys that cost 20Php up to big ones amounting to 2000Php.  You can also find Christmas decors and also gift items not just for kids but for your loved ones as well.  Visit the store during weekdays for a more convenient shopping and to prevent long lines at the cashier.


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