Total H-O-T-N-E-S-S

Yesterday (Tuesday), I experienced an out-of-this-world headache because of the SUMMER madness happening in the Philippines – not to mention (but I am about to mention it.. lol) that I’m also craving for some sleep which added “ache” to the headche.  I went home at around 11 in the morning where the sun was at its full blast – coming out of the office from a 10PM-7AM working shift – what a good working schedule was that?! Of course I had a hard time sleeping even though I slept in my parent’s room with both the aircon and electric fan turned on.  Yeah, we all know it’s EL NIÑO in the Philippines.  EL NIÑO or El Niño-Southern Oscillation, often called simply ENSO, is a climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean on average every five years, but over a period which varies from three to seven years, and is therefore, widely and significantly, known as “quasi-periodic.”  ENSO is composed of an oceanic component, called El Niño (or La Niña, depending on its phase), which is characterized by warming or cooling of surface waters in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean, and an atmospheric component, the Southern Oscillation, which is characterized by changes in surface pressure in the tropical western Pacific.  Below are some of the results of El Nino in the Philippines this year.

Okay, enough of the brain cracking definitions.  What made me decide to write is because I’m curious what was the temperature yesterday for it was totally H-O-T even in the evening.  Before I go to the office, tatay told me it’s at around 37 degrees celsius. “Parang may sinat lang…” says he. What the effff?.. that’s REALLY HOT! I can’t do anything about it so I opted to ride an fx instead of my usual jeepney ride.

Imagine, 37 degrees celsius?… I can’t withstand it already and I won’t be ready if that goes as high as 40 degrees.  May be I’ll just stay in the office if that happens or better yet, stay in the pool keeping my cool.


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