FFFP: Funny Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are supposed to be for celebrities, prominent individuals, or any earthling, a product, a place or even a thing.  Recently, I’ve been seeing unusual fan pages – not for people, events, products or places – but they’re STATEMENTS!

They’re written in Tagalog and are most often funny and true-to-life.  This is actually one thing that makes me laugh when I’m on Facebook.  See some examples below. I’ll try to translate them in English but they can be read best in Tagalog :D.

1. This is the most recent I’ve seen:

“Sige Noynoy, Hindi ka na Magnanakaw at Anak ka na ni Ninoy at Cory “ (Alright, we get it Noynoy, you’re not a thief and you’re Ninoy and Cory’s only son)  – Politically driven since National Elections is just around the corner.

2.  “Kala ko SILA pa, Kami na pala! – sabi ng students na di handa sa reporting..” (I thought it’s not yet our TURN! – says the unprepared students) – this made me laugh. I just remembered my high school days.. hahaha

3.  “NAGMAMADALI KA NA NGA,PATIGIL TIGIL PA YUNG JEEP PARA MAGHINTAY NG SASAKAY! ” (You’re already late for work but the jeepney keeps on stopping by to fetch passengers!)  – true! and this is the reason why I have to have my own car.. yikes 😀

4.  “Nung bata ako, hinihipan ko yung BALA ng FAMILY COMPUTER para GUMANA..” (When I was younger, I always blow the family computer tapes to dust them off and make them work!) – I hope I translated that correctly.. hahaha I did my best there.. hahaha..

5.  “Buti Pa Ang Biglaang Lakad Natutuloy, Ang Planado, Hindi!” – hindi ko ma translate!. hahaha

6.  “HINDI PORKET MAY DSLR KA, PHOTOGRAPHER KA NA! “ (So you think you’re a photographer?) 😀

7.  “Wala akong matapos dahil sa FACEBOOK! “ (When I’m on Facebook, I can’t finish anything!)

8.  “GWAPO KA NGA, BOSCONIAN KA BA?” (Yes, you’re damn good-looking! but are you a BOSCONIAN?) – parang ang corny ng translation.. hahahaha

9.  “INIISIP KO PA LANG TINATAMAD NA KO” (I’m just about to think about it but… NEVER MIND!)

And lots of others like this are still on Facebook.  We can really make fun of anything – even ourselves.


5 responses to “FFFP: Funny Facebook Fan Pages

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