Mushroom Burger: A New “kid” on the block

Right after a sweaty 6K run and small chit-chats in UP Diliman, we decided to transfer because the sun’s hitting on us already.  We remembered that Mark mentioned last week about this new fastfood chain called Mushroom Burger along Katipunan. It’s past 10 in the morning already and we need a place to continue chit-chatting so we decided to check it out.

Obviously, Mushroom Burger is a burger house and I thought that it only offers burgers, nothing more.  The place looks new because it is really new. I just read from a page that this was the same spot where Jollibee stood.  It’s probably a few months old only and was only the second branch – first is in Tagaytay.

It’s logo has the same colors as McDonald’s but just inverted. The letter “M” is red and the rest is yellow.

Mushroom Burger in Katipunan

I haven’t thought of taking a picture of how it looks inside.  The place is clean and what I liked most about it is… *drum rolls….* FREE WI-FI… lol 😀 The first thing I look for when we got in is the price of their burgers.  My wallet’s only got 200php so it’s pretty obvious why.  They don’t offer just burgers but rice meals, breakfast meals and halo-halo as well.  This is where I understand that it’s not like Brother’s Burgers because the prices are very affordable.  I tried Mushroom Burger Royal.  I got it for only 95Php and comes along with a regular sized fries and drink.  Taj and Boggs ordered the regular Mushroom Burger and I told them I’ll take a picture of it first before it’s gone in a minute. 😀

Regular Mushroom Burger

It’s plainly served. It’s surprising that the patty does not even match the circumference of the bun.  And the bun is only about the size of the ketchup cup.  I did not intend to compare the size when I took the picture.  I just noticed it when I’m uploading the pictures.  I did not ask Taj and Boggs how did it taste like but I presume it was okay since I did not hear anything violent from them. hehe 😀 It’s just the patty that awed me. haha

It’s my turn.  Mushroom Burger Royal – looks yummy, seriously.  When I opened it, here’s how it looked like:

Mushroom Burger Royal

When I saw it, “oh.. OKAY..”  It has an omelette with cheese, mushroom patty under with pickles and of course the burger dressing.  It tasted okay for me though the bun looks like less ordinary.  I just expected it to be bigger.  Their fries tastes good just like other fries, hehe.  It’s firm and authentic.

Aside from the affordable price (and free wi-fi of course..), nothing really special caught my attention on our first visit.  We might still pay a visit again and try other burgers only if we’re on a very tight budget hehe 😀


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