Glitch or the other way around?

Yesterday, it was all over the news that the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines failed when a series of tests were done prior to the elections on Monday.  It had errors when reading sample ballots that led to replacing or repairing the machines’ software and thousands of CF (Compact Flash) memory cards used.  Yeah, most people (including me) are now more worried because this is just an indication of a failure of election.  A few days more, 5 days to be exact before that day and still the public has no idea if it will go well or not.  COMELEC don’t consider the Traditional or Manual counting of votes as an option at this point despite the reports.  They are still positive that automated elections will still push through.  Ironically,  IT experts (previously working for COMELEC) insists to go for the manual counting.  How funny it seems that IT experts themselves are the ones who are giving up on the automated elections where they should be the ones helping out in finding solutions how to make this glitch fixed. I don’t know they’re reasons but changing course is not an option at this point but a repair only – I think.

SMARTMATIC should be able to fix these problems with their machines as soon as possible.  They should have done a lot (like hundreds!) of testing before they showed it to the public.  This just made people more worried of what’s gonna happen on Monday.  It’s not a simple high school project where there’s a big room for trial and error.  It’s the country’s future which is at stake here.  However, I still believe that they can still patch things up.  More so that I wonder,  whether it’s just merely a technical glitch with the machines or just part of the whole “game plan”?


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