Gawad Kalinga – Building Homes.. and Friendship among Cultures…

As part of it social responsibility to the world, Trend Micro Inc. held it’s Homebuilding Project on May 24-28, 2010 in coordination with Gawad Kalinga – a foundation giving out homes to homeless and less fortunate Filipinos.  Trenders from the UK, Ireland, Japan, US and the Philippines gather for this outreach project.

Early morning on our first day, we had our orientation to get to know the volunteers more.  We took a few minutes off to show other Trenders our 16th and 23rd floor.  Paolo and I was assigned to tour our guests to 23/F.  Nearly half past 10am, we packed our things up and ready to leave.  It was an hour and a half trip from the Trendlabs’ office to La Vista Pansol Resort  – where we will be staying for the whole week.  We had lunch in one of the restaurants there (sorry, forgot the name :)) serving Filipino food to our foreigner guests.

After an hour we went straight to the resort to check our bags in and rest for a while from a long drive. The GK site is 45 minutes to an hour away from the resort – that’s why we have jeepneys to take us there.

The first day did not give us heavy work loads – yet 🙂 I looked around upon arriving and it is noticeable that Dr. Jose Rizal GK Site is really huge – about 3 hectares as I was told.  I’ve been with other GK sites in Manila and Antipolo but I never expected this site would really be HUGE.  I thought it was something good because there will be a lot of families who will be given homes.  We gathered in the pre-school building and they gave us a warm welcome as we’re about to spend the remaining week in the site.  After playing a few games with the kids (about 20-30, but Ica told us that there will be a hundred more..:)) we walked around and then said goodbye for tomorrow’s gonna be TOUGH! haha.

The next couple of days are pure work and sweating.

It’s not all about digging and sweating, we also had play time with the 200 plus kids 🙂

And of course, after a day’s work, we need to pamper ourselves 🙂

Lastly.. we don’t want to miss the photo-ops (picture-picture!)

This is one of the most memorable experiences I had and nothing beats that.  I never really thought that we were able to establish this bond with our fellow Trenders.  That’s why it’s not only homes that we’ve built during this whole week of Gawad Kalinga – but on top of it Friendship.. 🙂


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