Mapanuri Review: Inception

First and foremost, I admit that I”m a bit scared to write a review about this movie.  I just thought that my mind won’t be able to grasp the whole context and message of the film by watching it only once.  That’s why I had to browse over some websites and read the whole plot of the film.  A BIG THANK YOU to WIKIPEDIA for helping me out. 🙂

Inception is not your average kind of movie. WHY? Simply because it’s mind boggling, complex and extreme.  You really have to pay 100% of your attention from beginning until the end – otherwise you’ll just opt to get out of the movie house and start the movie all over :).  Inception was written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan – the genius behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

TECHNICALS:  No doubt this is a HUGE movie because the settings are time-based but not futuristic.  They used different kinds of settings since most of the scenes exist in a dream.  You will have a hard time distinguishing which is reality, or which is just a dream.  During Ariadne’s (Ellen Paige) training with Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), it showed the bending of the street to end at the top of the street their on.  They can walk across and over it.  There’s also unending stairs presented by Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in his paradox.  As what Nolan said, he does not want to focus on special effects but work more on the physical effects (visual).  This made the movie not over the top.  I also want to take note of slow-mo effects with the use of high-end video cameras.  This is important in the movie to present the differences in time.  Take note that 5 minutes in the real world is 1 hour in a dream.  On the second level, it’s about 10 hours and so on.  Another wothwhile scene is the zero-gravity hall way in the hotel.  I’ve learned that Gordon-Levitt spent weeks just to train for that fight scene.  Climbing from wall to wall and jumping all over is not an easy task especially when someone is chasing after you.

STORY:  Undoubtedly this movie brings us to whole new dimension of film making.  It presents a story within a story within a story until your mind can’t bear it anymore – that’s why watching it once is not enough to fully understand it.  It’s a fresh concept since The Matrix.  It does not only show off its technical aspects but the story line itself.  This what makes this movie stand out from the rest.  As the movie goes on, you’ll think that there’s a lot of stories being depicted because of the different levels of dreams they presented.  Their team’s aim is a complex emotional suggestion that will ultimately lead Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to dismantle his father’s empire.  The story even became more exciting when they already entered Fischer’s subconscious.  They ended up being assaulted because his subconscious is “militarized” – which means he has a trained subconscious to protect him from dream-crimes.  But as soon as it comes to its close, it’s only about Cobb who’s having a hard time dealing with the nightmare of losing his wife, Mal and how to get over it.

RECOMMENDATION:  Great movie.  You won’t feel that it ran for 2 hours and 25 minutes and you’ll probably asked for more.  The presentation of each dream is properly executed and the time it took for every dream is explained.  You just don’t want to close your eyes or fall asleep even a single second for you’ll get lost 😛 Before the movie closes, it showed Cobb spinning the totem.  They use totems to find out if they already got out of the dream.  If it stops, they’re back in the real world.  It starts to wobble after a few seconds but before it stops completely, the scene cuts to black – leaving the conclusion to its audience if he’s back or not.

No doubt it’s a talk of the town. 🙂


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