P-Noy’s Salary higher than PGMA

It was reported in Yahoo! Philippines website that President Noynoy Aquino’s salary is 65% higher than former President Arroyo.  Most of us, including me are curious abour how much the is the president receiving monthly.  Before I was told that it’s only 50, 000Php/month.  Come to think of it, it’s highest position in our country and working almost 24/7 but only receiving that much?! After PGMA signed Executive Order No. 900 implementing an increase in the basic pay in all government salary grades, including the President’s, Aquino will receive P95,000/month – that’s P57,750/month higher.

Philippines' President Aquino on the cover of Time Magazine

Comparing it with top executives of the Corporate World and Lucio Tan/Henry Sy, this is nothing :).  Probably the President has other incoming generating sources that would really compensate his lifestyle.  Besides, he’s still single and already wealthy before he became the President.  I still think P95, 000/month will not suffice all the work he’s doing yet on a brighter side, it’s merely of Public Service above anything else.


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