Mapanuri Review: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I was eager to watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice when I saw its trailer I think on the internet or on the TV.  The eagerness grows even more when I learned that it was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.  Bruckheimer was the genius behind the Amazing Race TV series and producer of blockbuster films like Pirates of the Carribean, Bad Boys and National Treasure to name a few.  Yeah I admit I was a fan of Bruckheimer’s works so this pushed me to see the movie.

CAST: Nicholas Cage topbills the movie as Balthazar Blake along with his apprentice, Dave Stutler played by Jay Baruchel.  Other names in the movie includes Afred Molina – who played Horvath, Balthazar’s nemesis, Toby Kebell – a celebrity illusionist which becomes Horvath’s apprentice. Teresa Palmer as Becky Barnes – Dave’s love interest and Monica Bellucci as Vernonica – one of the three apprentices of Merlin and Balthazar’s love.  Stutler gave a very “odd” but good portrayal in Dav’es character which is a not so typical low self-esteemed 20-yr old college nerd.  I think the cast made it likeable to a kid’s perspective so that the story would be easily understood.

TECHNICALS: There’s no jaw-dropping effects in the movie – but are still commended.  The setting is brought to a modern day (2010) New York era.  So there, just typical for me.

STORY: Typical as well.  I just expected more from it since it’s a Bruckheimer-produced film.  There’s no sudden twists, just plain continuous Sorcerer/Wizard movie.  That’s one thing I liked about it though – continuous and consistent.  Ooops, adding some cheesy moments and funny little punchlines.

RECOMMENDATION: It ‘s perfect for the kids.  They will love it 100%.  For the adults, it’s okay to watch it as long as you don’t expect too much because it’s a Bruckheimer-produced film.  Once you do, you’ll just be disappointed – like me. 🙂 It’s not a lame movie though.  It’s still enjoyable – I think.


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