Waiying Part 2

After walking and shooting and clicking for more than 4 hours, we dined at Waiying since it’s just a few minutes away from Recto Avenue.  Waiying is our favorite Chinese Fastfood located in Benavides Street in Binondo, Manila. I was with Boggs and Taj and the three of us are all STARVING – literally.


The Soy Chicken Rice is one of Waiying’s best because no words can explain how delicious it is – OA! yeah I know. 🙂  It doesn’t taste like soy sauce if that’s what you think it’s made of.  It’s sweet and juicy.  Please be enticed by the pictures below. 🙂

Soy Chicken Rice

We added HAKAW and HOT SALAD as side orders.  Hakaw is a soft dumpling with shrimp inside.  Hot Salad, on the other hand contains pineapple and apple tidbits covered just like a hot pie.

Hakaw (Shrimp Dumpling)

Hot Salad

Hakaw and the Hot Salad are best-sellers and at the same time affordable.  They just cost 60Php and around 68Php respectively.  I’ll try other side dishes the next time we visit and I’ll make sure that there’s enough room in my stomach to consume all of those.  My next target is their BUKO PANDAN! 🙂


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