Mapanuri Review: STEP UP 3D

Step UP 3D is the third installment of the Step Up films.  It’s all about DANCING and going for your dream.  I wasn’t able to watch the first two Step Up movies but I think, every movie is independent on its own.  Some characters may appear on the third installment but watching the first two before you watch this one is not necessary.

Why 3D this time? Probably because there’s a streak of 3D movies nowadays so the producers decided to film it in 3D.  I just watched it in a regular theater and I find it OKAY even if it’s not 3D.

Here’s the poster:

CAST AND STORY: The film stars Rick Malambri as Luke and and Sharni Vinson as Gorgeous, uhmm no as Natalie :).  Both Rick and Natalie were not part of the first two Step Up films – but Sharni resembles a lot of Step Up 2’s Briana Evigan, its female lead.  Moose, portrayed by Adam Sevani this time is an Engineering student who loves to dance a lot.  By twist of fate (oh yeah.. :P), he was discovered by Luke who at that time was making a film (documentary type) about dancing and how it changed someone’s life.  Luke owns a place he inherited from his parents who are both dancers and turned it into their own “dance hub”.  He founded “The Pirates” – a group of street dancers.

Natalie on the other hand was found to be Julien’s sister.  Julien is Luke’s dance rival and former bestfriend.  He has his own group, “The Samurai”(I hope I got this one correctly, hehe). At first, Natalie was sent to spy on Luke’s dance routines which Julien will use against him for the World Jam (Dance) Competition.  But as the movie progresses (and as expected), she falls for Luke and the love angle begins.  Natalie discovers that Luke has a dream of his own – to become a film maker.  When Luke found out that Julien Natalie’s brother, he got mad at Natalie for not telling him.

On the night of the final competition, Natalie showed up and apologized to Luke but the latter did not accept it.  The battle begins between the two Street Dance groups and it was tough.  It even became tougher when Natalie suddenly joined Luke on stage and showed their routine that they didn’t believe will ever pull through.  After several showdowns, The Pirates won by a unanimous decision.

Natalie left without saying goodbye to Luke and left a note with a Film Making Certificate from a California University granting Luke for admission.  Before Natalie left for good, Luke showed up in the train station and of course you know what happened – they live happiliy ever after.. 🙂

DANCE ROUTINES: Maybe the dance routines are better seen in 3D that’s why this film is shown in 3D.  I must find that out from my friends who’ll watch it in 3D 🙂 I’m not a great dancer and Born from a Boom Box – but I must say that the dance steps shown are quite good.  They’re not as superb as what I saw from US dance reality shows like So, you think you can dance?, etc. and I think it could have been better.  The first round of competition did not impress me and I find it awkward when I see Luke dancing.  He dances good but I think it’s because of his height that does not suit well when he dances street music.  On the second round, the water effect pulled it off and they really deserved to win. The final round which made them the champions is awesome because of the LED lights they used in their costumes.  Thanks to special effects but I think it would make it more impressive if it’s not. 🙂

RECOMMENDATION: It’s not only for dancers and who aspire to dance.  It’s for everybody to watch though don’t expect to see a new story behind it – its very common.   Though, you can still enjoy the show.  And oh, watch out for the Santiago Twins, Natalie, and the kids – they rock the dance floor. 🙂 Plus Madd Chadd – the “moving shoulder” man. 🙂 Kudos to all the street dancers! 🙂

Watch the Trailer:



3 responses to “Mapanuri Review: STEP UP 3D

  1. at nakarelate talaga ako dito.. bakit ka n’yo?.. eh kasi Engineering student si Moose and Film Making ang dream ni Luke – which is both my course in college and dream as well.. hindi nga lang ako into dancing but into Theatre.. kaya AYUN! 🙂

  2. grabe loser ako talaga, khit SALT di ko pa napanood. tapos eto step up 3d hindi pa din…

    • hehehe busy na ba masyado sa work? watch it para ma divert naman attention mo.. 🙂 you’ll enjoy watching step up 3D lalo na kung you’re into dancing rin.. pero kahit hindi, u can still enjoy it.. 🙂 pero the best ang INCEPTION.. 🙂

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