CebuPac China Promo but…

Cebu Pacific launches another wave of their promo fares this month.  This is a good news for me (and certainly to a lot as well) because I’ve been wanting to fly to Beijing and see the Great Wall.  I quickly checked if it’s a good idea to go there in December and I’ve found out that it’s winter there.  Meaning – I may have a hard time strolling around and I’ve read that during December, the days are shorter.  At about 5pm, it’s already dark outside. Plus, I’m not used to wearing thick clothes which was advised during winter time.  It’s also exciting to see the snow but what I’m really after is strolling around the city which — obviously I cannot do if it’s freezing cold and windy.

Fly to China in December

One thing more – following the hostage-taking last Monday which took 8 lives (HK Nationals and are Chinese), will it be a good idea for us Filipinos to visit their homeland at this time?


2 responses to “CebuPac China Promo but…

  1. grabe bargain! kaso ang awkward maging pinoy ngayon.. di ab le, we look thai and malays naman, let;s pretend to be one Ü

  2. hehe that’s the price of it.. pero it will soon fade away.. hopefully they’ll realize na hindi lahat ng pinoy eh gaya ni mendoza at nung mga pulis.. 🙂 bilis mo magcomment.. hehehehe 🙂

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