Reminiscing Ondoy

September 26 was the date Super Typhoon Ondoy hit Manila where it damaged millions and marked as one of the most traumatic natural disasters in our history.  I also had my share of Ondoy’s fierce when I got stranded in a jeepney along Marcos Highway when I was going home to Antipolo.  As I could remember, we had our team breakfast in Something Fishy (in Eastwood City) and the heavy rains never stopped.  If I left earlier, I suppose I couldn’t have been stranded. 🙂

Take a quick look below and reminisce:

if I chose to go this way, I would have been in this photo.. 😛

..even cars can't get out of it..

A few of my friends really witnessed how Ondoy swept Manila “by storm”.  I had a friend who lives in Provident Village, Marikina – which was the most badly hit area in Manila, who literally went up their roof because the flood reached the second floor of their house.  A week after that, we volunteered to help her clean the mess that Ondoy left.  It was disheartening but we don’t want to dwell on that.

I remembered our company (Trend Micro) really extended their hand to their employees who’ve been victims of Ondoy.  They generously offered Emergency/Calamity Loans – with fast approval, released our 13th Month pay as early as October (I wish they could do it again even if there’s no typhoon.. hehe), provided financial assistance without asking anything in return and some managers managed to go house to house to help clean all the mess.  At that point, I was really convinced that Trend Micro, Inc. rocks.

Exactly a year after that tragic day, how are the victims doing? How are they coping up after the aftermath? Did those people go back to their homes and just wish that it won’t happen again?

Are we ready now to face another Ondoy in the future? I just hope that even if there will be many more Ondoy’s that will come our way, we’re prepared.


3 responses to “Reminiscing Ondoy

  1. care to still share your Ondoy experience?..

  2. memories haunts….

    hope this awful experience won’t happen again.

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