Yugatech Contest: Show me your Oldest Photo!

Yugatech is giving away again a cool prize to all its avid readers and followers.  It’s just a GE X5 Camera which actually looks like an SLR already but it’s not.

And here goes my entry to this contest.  Well, it’s not the oldest I have but I think this would qualify.  I just don’t have the urge to find one, hehe – besides it’s the oldest I found uploaded on the internet 🙂

*Drum rolls… *

there was me.. ang batang mahilig sa COKE!.. I look good in side view.. 😛

I was 6 or 7 years old then – can’t remember maybe younger.. 😛 This was taken at Bayugo, in Antipolo.  Our Tatang owns this land with Mango trees and I think a few thousand square meters big – not sure (as you can tell.. hehe)  Everytime there’s an occasion we celebrate it here, especially when it’s our grandparents’ birthdays or wedding anniversary.  In the picture are my cousins trying to groove at some dance tunes.  Too bad that this piece of land is already sold but we’ve been told that we can still spend some special occasions here even if our Tatang and Inang are in heaven already. 🙂  There are still a lot of pictures taken here and along with those pictures are memories that are reminiscent of our childhood days.


One response to “Yugatech Contest: Show me your Oldest Photo!

  1. look at that.. CHEERS pa ang sikat.. hindi pa ROYAL.. 😛

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