Ang Pulo – a new hangout in Ortigas

It’s Tuesday that we (along with my team) decided to unwind and have some time to bond outside the excruciating life at the office.. 😛 – that was exaggerated I know.. 😛 And our destination – Ang Pulo – dunno what’s with the name but we’re about to find it out.

located near Smashville, at the back of Autocamp in Ortigas Ave. Pasig City

The place is not that hard to find.  It’s just a few meters away from Meralco in Ortigas, Pasig.  Ang Pulo has two floors but looks three.  Their first floor looks the second and the second looks third.  Confused? kasi elevated ung first floor kaya ganun.. 🙂 They have enough space in both levels so it won’t look crowded.  The place has a different feel at first glance and I tell you – it’s good. It’s an open area by the way and you may overlook some houses in the nearby subdivision or the Ortigas Home Depot complex.  It has a spacious parking area as well but I forgot to ask about the rate. So instead of walking towards the place from Ortigas Avenue, you might as well bring your wheels.

Ang Pulo, Second Level

My teammates.. selecting the songs to sing already.. demmit.. 😛

We stayed at the second level because of the Big Videoke Room – (and why am I not so excited? it’s Videoke time?! lol) We’re 15 plus and the room is just enough for all of us.  It’s airconditioned but we’re seen from outside.  Its walls are glass.. 🙂 but that’s okay, we’re not hiding from someone or anyone. 😛  The sound system is okay, it has only one mic and one LCD screen.

See other photos of the place:

that's the 2nd level counter.. and still a lot of vacant seats..

..still at the second level.. at night..

If you wonder what time does it open:

..hours of operation.. 🙂

This is definitely a new hangout to those who work or study or reside near Ortigas Avenue.  The food is awesome! but the pictures are not yet ready – still waiting for the upload.. 🙂 Will blog about it on my next post.  In the meantime, please read my other blog posts or my photostream.


5 responses to “Ang Pulo – a new hangout in Ortigas

  1. parang ansaya dyan sa place na yan :p

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