Who owns the Halloween?

It’s November, and it only means one thing (that you have to find out for yourselves.. hehe).  Okay, it’s halloween (but this is celebrated a day before November.. but darn it, moving on.. :P) In the previous years, Halloween is not massively celebrated in the Philippines.  Halloween is of western influence and we don’t even have Halloween parties.  But as you may have noticed, we have joined the bandwagon of celebrating it.  There’s nothing wrong in it, I must say.  It’s just an honest observation and besides it’s fun. 

Basing it from experience when I was a kid when the last week of October comes, a lot of Pinoy TV programs show ghost stories, ASWANG (pinoy word for flesh eating-creatures) encounters, haunted places, witchcraft and lost souls who haven’t left the earth taking revenge.  Who can’t forget the defunct MAGANDANG GABI BAYAN (public service TV show) which I think holds the trophy for always showing the scariest and creepiest Pinoy ghost stories (damn, I still can’t forget the image of the dead man wearing barong standing by the door and the flying coffins! yikes :P).  Indeed only in the Philippines 🙂

Worldwide, of course there’s the blood-sucking Count Vlad Dracula, the Werewolves, and the zombies who gained fame because of traditional horror movies.  They are the stars of Halloween – most people really picture them when this time of the year comes.  But now there’s a big difference.  The spotlight is no longer theirs.  Why so? Take a look at Halloween parties – you’ll rarely see someone portraying Dracula nor a werewolf.  What has transpired is the age of modern  and less scary vampires and werewolves because of the influence of pop culture.  Take for example Edward Cullen and Jacob of the Twilight movies.  The image has become more of the tame side and who won’t notice the boy next door look of the two.  It’s far from the real scary vampires with capes and living in coffins – that most kids and even adults don’t want to stare at.  Jacob on the other hand, has become a very hunky werewolf – this is a complete turnover from the past werewolves but still they shift into a furious animal.  Others would rather portray Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, Batman and other superhero-like fictional characters.  Other choices would be a fairy, a Jalapeño, a witch (but a very pretty witch – not like the witch with pointy nose, crumpled hair and high pitched laugh), bumblebee and others that look likable (with no blood stains).

Here’s a visual comparison between the traditional and modern Halloween stars:

1.  Vampires – Dracula vs. Edward Cullen

Who makes you want to SCREAM?.. 😛

2.  Werewolf –

Who makes you want to run?

3.  Witches –

Who wants to be spellbound?

4.  Zombies –

The conventional or the virus-infected?

I think it would be a great idea if Hollywood can produce a film about the old and new faces of Halloween – like a Halloween Deathmatch! Isn’t that such a good idea?.. Probably the run time will never end – especially with fighting vampires! 😛

Above it all, we still need to pay our respects to our own Pinoy Tradition when Halloween comes. That we need to visit our departed loved ones tombs and pray for their souls.


2 responses to “Who owns the Halloween?

  1. charmed…… kay piper ako!

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