Digital Photo Plus on Studio 23

Digital Photo Plus is a new show on Studio 23 which airs every Saturday, 10:30 am-11:00 am.  It premiered its first episode on October 30, 2010.

Pilar Tuason, EIC Digital Photographer Magazine (Phils.)

I was just flipping thru the channels of my TV when I found it.  What caught my attention were the cameras the photograhers are carrying and right at that moment I noticed one familiar face – Ms. Pilar Tuason, the editor-in-chief of Digital Photographer Magazine (Philippines).  They’re using CANON, BTW (and I’m a NIKON user) but I don’t think there’s a war going on between the two, just a “healthy competition”.  Hope it’s not like ABS-CBN vs. GMA-7..:P

The 30-minute show is jampacked with drills and skills in photography.  All photography enthusiasts (including me) will definitely love it.  In today’s episode, they did street photography and some portraiture from afternoon until late night, or perhaps “almost” dawn (2AM).  They’ve explored Malate, Manila and even got themselves in to some resto-bars in the area.   The concept of the show is something new and something that I think will last – because it focuses on interests, passion.  What makes it more interesting is it’s not only about the technicalities of the cameras, it has a social vibe.  You can not only get to know new tricks and camera accesories but you get to learn a whole new meaning of photography while telling a story. 

 I hope they stick with this docu-type of presentation in their future episodes.  Though I see myself waking up late on weekends, I think I now have a new appointment every Saturday morning.


4 responses to “Digital Photo Plus on Studio 23

  1. What type of Nikon camera are you using?

  2. What is the audio track name of Digital Photo Plus when its advertise on studio 23????(a female artist)

  3. that I don’t know. haven’t had the chance to watch the show again.. 🙂 but i’ll let you know once I find that out.. 🙂

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