Christmas is never a RUSH


Do you really need to rush?

As you can tell, there’a a lot of SALE going on everywhere and that’s pretty obvious because Christmas is just around the corner.  But why do most people spend a lot when the Holiday Season is approaching? Probably because they have a lot of money to spend –  13th month pay and other Christmas bonuses come this time of the year.  And have you noticed that some people even if it’s just the start of the “-ber” months, they already plan their early Christmas Shopping – buying gifts for their “inaanaks”, family, friends and loved ones.  Some also grab every kind of Sale present in malls, may it be appliances, shoes, clothing, food, spa, fitness and health, airfare, etc. 

Honestly, I am one these people – BEFORE.   Everytime I receive a lot of money in my bank account, I always buy something for myself – thinking “Pera ko naman to, minsan lang to.. “ for something that I still don’t have yet.  Afterwards, I realize that it’s not what I really need, I mean it’s more of a “want”, and in the long run thinking that I should’ve gotten something that could be more valuable to me. I’ve been in this perspective since I started to work.  This time, I want to try if I can flip it around and instead of spending much on WANTS, I better decide which ones I NEED.  Below is a list of the things I want to plant on my mind so that I won’t spend a lot.

1.  Stop searching for SALE on the internet

– The more you learn about Big Sale in malls, the more likely you spend.   I know it’s not that easy especially when someone in your family is asking you to buy it.  But politely saying NO, is acceptable unless you really need it.

2.  Keep your credit cards

– Refrain from bringing your credit cards when you’re going to malls to buy something.  During this time, a lot of SALE is posted in every store so it will tempt you more to buy.  That’s why mine is locked up in my drawer… hehe

3.  Handle pressure

– Peer pressure is everywhere.  So better handle it with a lot of care. It does not follow that when you’re bestfriend has a new phone he got from a Big Sale, you have to have it too.

4.  Save your hard-earned money to invest

– Just like my friend and colleague Spiderham, instead of buying a new camera lens, he’ll instead buy stocks from a certain company.  If you know the what abouts of IPO (Initial Public Offering), then start investing on it.  Me? I’d go for mutual funds.

5.  Find alternative Christmas Gifts

– I’ve been saying to stop searching for Mall Sale earlier but they could also help tone down your costs when buying Christmas gifts.  Instead of buying pricey toys for your “inaanaks”, settle for lesser ones in Toys’ Sale.  Divisoria and Marikina Riverbanks tiangge are two of those places where you can find cheaper deals – plus you can practice you’re huggling skills. 

6.  Spend on leisure and pleasure

– I always find it optimal if you spend your money in travel – going to places you haven’t ever been and having adventure could be priceless.  Spa, food or just going somewhere and having your family with you is a good treat as well.

I hope I can keep up with the list above and hopefully, other people wouldn’t think that whenever Christmas is coming, there’s always a need to rush.


6 responses to “Christmas is never a RUSH

  1. TOMO!!!! Iwasan ang sale. Lalo na toy sale 😀

  2. wow, gumawa ka talga nito. ncie one!
    personally, i dont shop new items (gifts to family and friends) and not even for myself. tamad ako mag-mall. ayoko din ng crowd!

    • actually, para sa akin lang talaga.. I posted it na rin kasi I thought this may make others think twice before spending. Kasi ang ending they overspend for the mere fact na magpapasko… bow.. 😛

  3. ayaw kong pumunta ng mall. .better avoid this stores heheh magkakautang ako e, home made na lang ang gawin ko right?tot dat counts:)

  4. Merry Christmas!
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