Meralco’s Paskuhan Village

it is indeed..

Meralco (Manila Electric Company) has its own way of celebrating Christmas by putting up their own version of Paskuhan Village (A Christmas Park).  The park opened its doors to public a few years back and is going on every year during the Holidays.  It just opened early December with a theme, “A Delightful Christmas:  A Christmas Outreach and Enchanting Display of Lights”.  Together with lovebirds Gian and Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera we explored what’s in store inside.  BTW, men in slippers are not allowed inside so make sure you’re wearing sneakers or leathers before entering.  The guard is very much strict so watch out.

Colorful Giant Christmas Tree

On the left side upon entering is the colorful Giant Christmas Tree which changes its color to purple, yellow, green and red.  It’s inside the train rail where you can also see three small houses and a blow up version of a white robot wearing a Santa hat.

One of the houses in the "Village", perfectly lit

Transformer Inspired Santa

The headlights are blinking, and I think it’s about 25-30 feet tall.

The "Choo-Choo" Train, but less noisy and no smoke

Kids as well as adults will surely enjoy the short ride, three turns I guess.  It has an LCD screen in front where you get to see — what’s ahead. 😛

Mr. Meralco Lineman himself

And the Meralco lineman who brings light to the village.  I think that’s what they’re trying to tell here.

On the right side, you’ll see the huge Belen (Nativity Scene), and other houses.

The Church and the Belen

Ang Tatlong Haring Mago (Three Kings)

Meralco Sibol School

Linemen lighting up a few more houses

We’ve also gone inside Meralco (lobby) but apparently, they’ve yet to display more Christmas decors.

I forgot to ask the hours of operation but I think it’s from 7PM until 10PM.  We left at around 9:30PM and there are still visitors coming in.  Will get back to you once I confirmed it. 🙂


8 responses to “Meralco’s Paskuhan Village

  1. Wow.. ganda ng mga shots.. astig!!

  2. ang ganda! sayang naman hindi ako nakasama.. hays.. wala pa akong nashoshoot with xmas theme..

  3. d ko nkita face ko s mga pix..disappointed ko.. =))

  4. galing ng program ni Ms. Pilar!!! astig!!! I always watch her show!!!

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