10 Fun Things I can do with a New Lenovo Laptop

1.  CHANGE – I’m trying to do something different in my daily routine “for a change”. So I guess, I’ll go online and open www.facebook.com. 😛

2.  PLAY – Since the question is about the FUN things I can do, I’d prefer playing Starcraft, Virtual Tennis, Need for Speed or other 3D games using this new high end laptop.  I guess no one will disagree because fun is all you get when playing.  (But still depends if you’re cheating because you’re also getting yourself into trouble! 😛 especially when you’re in a computer shop)

3. POST PROCESS – I always find it fun to do the things that I always enjoy doing (Who doesn’t? :P).  In this case, I enjoy editing pictures that I’ve taken during a photo-walk or photo-shoot using Photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom and the ever popular Adobe Photoshop.  Yes, I’m a Photography Enthusiast 🙂

4.  VIDEO EDIT – Looking at my edited (post-processed) pictures are cool but playing it around with animations and videos is way way cooler!  I’ll try the latest software versions of Maya, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas.  In that way, I’m also honing my video editing skills.

5.  VIDEO CALL – It has been a month since my parents migrated to the US and the only way we can keep in touch with each other is through Yahoo Messenger.  So while I’m post processing pictures, editing videos, playing hardcore games and uploading pictures in FB, I’m talking to them. 😛 Talk about multi-tasking eh?

6.  NEWS AND GOSSIP – When I get bored in doing numbers 1-5, I’ll go over Google and search for news of all kinds.  Normally right after checking my yahoo mail, I sign out. Then it brings me to the Yahoo Home Page and from there I start to hop into the featured news section whether it be political, business, sports or entertainment.

7.  DOWNLOAD – How could I even forget doing this when I’m online? 😛 Eversince highschool (I think that was last year.. lol :P) I always download songs from the internet and still keep them intact up to now though dial up internet was still famous that time.   Just imagine how long it took me to download a 4MB size MP3 – 20 minutes if I’m lucky and 1 hour if I’m not.

8.  WATCH – Since the time I got myself an external hard drive, I always make sure that I fill it with TV shows and movies that I’ve always enjoyed watching – may it be new or old.  Though it’s much more comfy to lay down in the couch while watching TV, seeing it on a laptop with headphones on makes it more enjoyable because I can easily put it back or forward to the part that made me laugh or didn’t understand.  If it’s How I Met My Mother, I always put it back to the part where I can hear myself laugh out loud! 🙂

9.  VIDEO STREAM – I began doing this before the Pacquiao versus Morales fight.  Let’s admit it, all of us want to watch the action LIVE.  Not all can afford to watch it in cinemas for 500 bucks or more.  Why do you have to pay if you can have it in the comfort of your own home? 😛 But most often, there’s a catch – most live streaming sites are illegal that when it’s caught, it will just shut down in front of you, compromising your excitement of watching the bout.

10.  BLOGGING – I’ve fallen in love with this type of activity for a year now.  And after that, I realized a whole new perspective in using a laptop or a desktop computer.   Expressing your own thoughts through blogging is one of the best you’ll ever feel.  Blogging has evolved in so many kind of ways and I experienced that myself.  I got a new netbook for free because of it but it’s just a bonus I must say.

There goes the 10 FUN things I can do with a NEW Lenovo Laptop.  Pretty much the same things I can do with other laptops or the desktop I’m using now, but I think I could write 10, 20 or hundreds more if  I could bring that NEW Lenovo laptop home with me.  🙂

This is my official entry to the Yugatech’s Lenovo Laptop Giveaway.  For contest mechanics, click here:


6 responses to “10 Fun Things I can do with a New Lenovo Laptop

  1. Thanks Yugatech for throwing this kind of contest..
    dalawang contest na nasalihan!.. haha more to go!..

  2. Question… nakasali ka ba sa contest 1 and 2?

  3. maganda ba tlga lenovo?

  4. kala ko may bagong laptop ka nanaman, hehehe.. its better than HP ba talaga??

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