BSP releases the new Philippine Peso bills

Just recently, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) or BSP made it public that they’re releasing new Philippine Peso bills just in time for Christmas and before 2011 begins.  Take a look.

Beinte Pesos – The 20-peso bill is still orange though more vibrant.  It still has Manual Quezon and the Banaue Rice Terraces and Palm Civets on both sides.

Singkwenta Pesos – The 50-peso bill has Sergio Osmeña with the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano with Maliputo (Giant Trevally) on the other side.  Still red in color but deeper. 🙂

Sandaang Piso – Still violet, it has Manuel Roxas on the facade with the Butanding (Whale Shark) and Mayon Volcano on the other.

Dalawandaang Piso – The new 200-peso bill has former President Diosdado Macapagal and at the back is Bohol with the Philippine tarsier.

Limandaang Piso – the new 500-peso bill is now yellow which has I think the most noticeable change compared to the rest.  Aside from having former President Corazon Aquino beside former Senator Ninoy Aquino, it has Palawan’s Subterranean River National Park and the blue-naped parrot.

Sanlibong Piso – Still in the 1,000-peso bill are Josefa Llanes-Escoda,Vicente Lim, and Jose Abad Santos.  At the back are the  Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, the South Sea Pearl and the Tinalak.

It looks like it is another campaign to promote Philippine tourism which I personally think is a good move.  Maybe this is a rebound from the much criticized “Pilipinas, Kay Ganda” slogan.  I really can’t say anything about the new bills other than I guess, “It’s something new”.  Mahilig pa naman ang Pinoy sa bago.. 🙂 And as long as they fit my wallet at hindi madaling mapunit, okay na yun..

The new bills are already available..  Just simply exchange your old bills if you’re too excited to have the new ones.. I’ll rush to bank now!.. lol 😛

What do you think of the new bills?.. 🙂

NOTE:  Made some corrections on the 50-peso bill.  Inserted the front face of the new bill.


4 responses to “BSP releases the new Philippine Peso bills

  1. pede kayang ipapalit yung gc ko sa new bills.

  2. Do you have the front image for the P50. bill ?

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