What Would Jesus Do…. If….????

To all my friends, blogger friends and readers of my blog, I wish you fruitful, joyful, bountiful and Merry Christmas!

Hope you celebrated it the best way that you know.  But above all, let’s not forget to say our birthday wishes to the “MAN” – Jesus Christ.  What would Jesus do, if he’s down here on earth and chose to celebrate it with us???  I just thought of this while having the mass earlier today.  If he’s just right in front of the people who attended the mass, what would he do? what would he even think?

Me? I’ll first say Happy Birthday Jesus! wait, again…. HAPPY 2010th BIRTHDAY Jesus!!!.. Ooops, is the age right?.. lol I wonder how old he truly is and if he’s really 2010 years old, then how does he look like? Is he ageless (like vampires?.. hope not!.. :)) These things came in to my mind before I begin to say my prayers.  Since it’s HIS special day, I made my prayers solely for HIM.  I always pray for myself, family and loved ones.  Today, it’s just for Him.  Just like any ordinary person, I wished him more birthdays to come.. 🙂 That he’ll always be in good health.  That he’ll continue to bless all people with his mercy.  That his wishes and dreams for all mankind will come true. He doesn’t need parties or big venues.  He just needs everyone to gather in prayer and celebrate his birthday as simple as we can – not forgetting to share and give love to others on this day and everyday.

And lastly, I jokingly say, “Pa-cheese burger ka naman po!” hehe lol. I know he already knew what’s in my heart, I think He’ll appreciate it more if I utter the words.

We THANK YOU simply because you’re born and you’ve become our salvation.  If it weren’t for you, this blogger and blog won’t even exist!.. 🙂


2 responses to “What Would Jesus Do…. If….????

  1. Merry Christmas Jeff! ♥

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