Sony NEX-5, the next big thing?

Guess who’s got the new Sony Nex-5?.. haha secret!. but it’s not me, unfortunately.. 🙂

It has the picture-quality of a DSLR with just half the size and weight. Sony claims that it’s the smallest and lightest DSLR in the world.   Take a look:

The world’s smallest and lighest DSLR – according to Sony..

And surprisingly, it is! It could just fit my right hand and no worries if I’m holding something else on the left.  Like Nikon, Canon and other DSLR’s, the basic features are the same when it comes to capturing photos.

It has a 3-inch LCD where you can see a live view of your subject but it has no view finder.  It comes with a kit lens, 18-55mm which is detachable so that you can attach other lens.  To adjust the aperture and shutter speeds, the circular scroll at the back does the trick – I could still feel I’m using an actual DSLR minus the weight and bulkiness. It’s easy to configure the settings and to get to the pictures menu.  But what sets it apart is the panoramic setup and HD Video Recording.  I got to try it and below are some of the photos taken in the office. (No post-processing done) 🙂

Khanto, sikat na tong laruan mo.. 🙂 Pahiram ha..

Panoramic test shot numero uno..

That's Spiderham..

Notice that the pictures look complete as if it’s fit to the camera’s frame or LCD’s live view.  Also before making a shot, it tells you the direction where you need to point the camera.. Smart huh!? I tried to point the camera the other way to test its “WIT”.  It still takes the shot but after a few shutters, it will post a message saying that you need to point it where the arrow tells you thus it won’t allow you to do the panoramic shot. – Brilliant!. 🙂

Sony Nex-5 also has an internal memory and you can still expand it.  The HD video recording was awesome because you can focus the subject you want and has built-in microphone.  Still Photos and HD Video Camera in one!.. just exactly what I need.. 🙂 I can use it for making short films and pre-nup videos! yay.. 🙂

This camera is ideal for everybody because it lessens the tricky and techy part of configuring a lot of settings but getting the picture quality of a conventional DSLR.

Plus points:

– Small and lightweight

– 14.2 Megapixels

– Panoramic Setup

– HD Video Recording

Price is around 28,000-34,000Php.  Expensive huh? let’s see if the price goes down in the coming months.. 🙂


5 responses to “Sony NEX-5, the next big thing?

  1. First tech/gadget review.. whew!.. 🙂

  2. ganda pala ng camera ni man the man.

    pede sa mga laruan….. cool :p

  3. Alkesh got one recently 🙂

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