St. John Bosco’s Relic in the Philippines

Yesterday, I was one of the fortunate people who saw Don Bosco’s Relic in DBTC Mandaluyong – my tertiary education Alma Mater. The relic arrived at the campus on January 6 and will be staying until January 8, 2011.

I arrived almost 5PM in the campus and upon entering I didn’t notice anything special.  It was like an ordinary day.  I didn’t even leave  my ID, dire-direcho na pagpasok ng gate.. mukha pa naman akong estudyante eh.. hehe.  Ganun kasi sa Busko, they welcome everyone.  Depende na lang sa guard kung magiging strict sya sa pagpapasok ng tao.. Though, security is a primary concern pa rin sa campus.

DBTC Main Gate aka Millenium Gate dahil year 2000 ata to binuksan..

The relic’s stationed inside the College Gymnasium where there was an ongoing program.  Dito ko na naramdaman ang presensya ng buong Educative Pastoral Community and the Bosconian celebration. I saw our former Theology profs na dati eh mga Salesian Brothers pa lang but now they are Salesian priests already.  I saw old familiar faces that I didn’t expect to see.  My college profs na parang hindi tumatanda, pero meron ring hindi na bumabata.. 😛 and other schoolmates, former Teatrong Busko members, Student Council,  ‘yung mga nagtitinda sa Amici, ung mga nasa registrar’s office na surprisingly eh sila sila pa rin andun.. etc.  Pero hindi ko nakita si Aling Madonna at Mang Pong – ang loyal na helper sa College.

Moving on to the gym, the line for public viewing is already long but they kept it as organized as possible.  Outside the gym are Freedom boards that will serve as the guest book for the occasion.


Teatrong Busko, the organization that made my college life awesome..

Rebo, pentel pen dapat ang gamit panulat hindi ballpen! 😛

The relic up close..

It’s not the entire body that’s preserved.  It’s just his right hand which was enclosed in a zinc box placed in the chest of the waxed body.  Here are some photos reflecting the journey of Don Bosco posted in the gallery.

It began with a dream..

Already a Servant Leader at a young age..

During his childhood years, he’s also into theater and would like to perform in front of the crowd. Bibbo kid rin! 🙂

He always tells his boys, “God sees you..” – walang pasaway!

I think one of the main reasons Don Bosco started as a school exclusive for boys is because St. John Bosco’s heart is close to poor boys and wanted to educate them to be servant leaders when they grow up.

Though he's sick, he always cares for others..


A guide and FRIEND to the very end..

"Love each other as brothers" - some of the last words he whispered..

At 6PM, the Eucharistic Mass in the Football Field started with all the Salesian priests present in front and lasted for almost 2 hours. Fireworks display concluded the celebration as some students presented on stage.

I’ve always been proud to say that I am a Bosconian.  I haven’t dreamt of taking my college years here but I think fate has directed me to this school.  Coming from a Co-Ed highschool, I never thought I would end up in a school exclusive for boys (until 2005..) My college years was a turning point and if someone asks me which part of my school days is the most memorable, I would definitely say it’s college! 🙂 It’s the Grown Up years.. 🙂 tsaka malaki na allowance compared to highschool kaya lakwatsa kahit saan.. hehe

St. John Bosco's Relic in DBTC Mandaluyong

Earlier today at 9AM the relic was sent off to Don Bosco San Jose, Nueva Ecija and will leave the Philippines on January 15, 2011.  The relic’s visit is in preparation for the bicentennial anniversary of St. John Bosco’s birth on August 16, 2015.  It is also part of relic’s world tour that started in April 25, 2009 in Valdocco, Turin.


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  2. I missed it by thirty minutes! I went to DBTC on January 8, around 10AM, only to find out the relic left at 9:30. 😦

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