Late Night Cravings: Banchetto

Late Friday night is Banchetto night!.  At last I was able to go here after weeks of planning.  Thanks to the birthday boy, JanAc! kahit hindi nya libre, kunwari handa nya yung andun, KKB nga lang.. Kanya-kanyang Bayad!

Banchetto is an Italian word which literally means food fest.  I’m quite puzzled what will I be able to see here though I’ve read blogs about it.  From RBC Ortigas, we walked our way to F. Ortigas Ave. (fka Emerald Ave.) where people our starting to satisfy their late night food cravings.

Throw all your food cravings here..

I decided not to buy my food yet but instead took pictures of the food served in every stall.  Though there’s a lot of people (MerckKonti pa nga yan.. ) picking their choices, I didn’t bother.  Literally, a FOOD FEST it is!.. Nadaig pa ang mga piyesta na pinuntahan ko.. With a very wide variety of choices, you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing what to eat.  Bon Appetit!


Dessert comes after every meal but this is the first in line..

Mukhang masarap no? sana hindi lang mukha.. 🙂

More and more cakes...

Sansrival is one of my favorites.  Sabi ko kay Ateng nagtitinda, babalikan ko pero after 2 hours ng paikot-ikot nakalimutan ko na.. 😛

Ex-PBB Housemate/Dancer Mickey Perz in the haus..

Mawawala ba sa kainan ang Lechon?


Mga Lutuing bahay

Malinamnam ngunit “nakakabinging” tahong.. hehe joke lang.. 🙂


Cheesy Baked Tahong.. 😛


For pasta lovers..

Street food won’t be far behind as well..

At ang famous kebab na hindi ko pa natitikman kahit kelan.


Persian or Pinoy Kebab?
Sisig Tuna – *drools*
Meron ding Breakfast Meals..

Hindi uso ang rice cooker sa pagluluto ng kanin..  Isang Kawa dapat!

Fried Rice for 15-20 people?

Earlier you saw the food served in single-serving plates, now see this!

Pasta, Pansit and baked potatoes in bigger basins..

Other home-cooked favorites..

Fruits are also available to balance the nutrition.. 🙂

If you haven’t chosen what to eat yet, then I think this would help.  Packed meals!

Packed Meals for the budget-conscious

At first glance, it doesn't look like pizza..

Pizza ala Sbarro.. will try that next time! Not only you can find chicken, pork and beef.  Seafood is also served in packed meals.


Oha.. ang lalaki ng hipon!

Nung makita ko ‘to, nagdalawa na agad ang paningin ko..


Cholesterol overload - sabay tapik sa batok..

Ate and her daughter posed as they saw me taking pictures.  Wacky shot daw at hanapin raw nila sa Facebook.

Wacky shot!

And here’s the famous Monster Burger, 120php for one.  Monster sa size, monster rin ang price.. 🙂

Monster Patties for the Monster Burger

Carrot Cake

I’ve always wondered how does this carrot cake taste like.  Like a carrot? or like a cake?.. lol 🙂

Sweet slice of blueberry cheesecake

This slice of blueberry cheesecake has a story.  It came from Sweet Marys’ Cakes stall and I got it for FREE.  I’ll tell more of the story on a separate blog post, probably right after this.

I didn’t notice that almost an hour had passed with me just taking pictures. What’s worse is that I haven’t bought myself something to eat!.. But feasting my eyes on these meals made my tummy full already so “quits lang”.. (especially right after seeing my shots!.. *burp*)

Yung ibang food masarap pero meron din iba na hanggang sa itsura lang masarap.. We concluded the day by having our regular coffee session at Starbucks.


1.  If you want to try as many food as you can, make sure to get small servings of each so that you won’t end up throwing up.  Or ask your friends to get different kinds so that you can get to taste all.

2.  Sweet Mary’s Cakes are delicious and cheaper compared to others.

3.  Don’t be deceived by what you see, some of the food served only looks good but doesn’t taste as good.

4.  The crowd gets thick (read: Kumakapal ang tao.. lol :)) at around 12am-1am.  Better go there early to roam around and see what other stalls offer.

5.  There are limited tables and seats available so expect to eat either standing or sitting on  the street gutters.

6.  Be courteous and still ask if you can take pictures.  Though it’s not prohibited, asking the stall keeper politely might lead you to having a FREE slice of blueberry cheesecake.. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! 🙂

Banchetto is open every Friday starting at 11PM and ends 11AM, Saturday at F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue (formerly Emerald Ave.) Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

To get there, Google Maps will help you.  Click here.


6 responses to “Late Night Cravings: Banchetto

  1. yum yum. Okay yung nabilhan ko ng cheesy garlic potato, kasinlasa ng sa kenny rogers, pati yung chicken na kasama nun, though di lang swak ang gravy

    • yung nabili kong inihaw na baboy at itlog for takeout, puro taba sa ilalim!.. :P.. looks can be deceiving talaga.. hehe
      next time ittry ko yung pizza at ibang cakes!

  2. Natakam ako sa ginigrill na corn. I’ve tried the food fest there, I think, three years ago. Masarap mga food.

    Ganda ng DOF ng ibang food shots mo. 🙂

  3. i’ve heard a lot about banchetto but i haven’t been there! must check out real soon for some beer and food trip!

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