Sweet Cakes by Sweet Marys

In the previous post (Banchetto), I mentioned that I got a free Blueberry Cheesecake.  It’s from Sweet Marys’ (apostrophe is at the end because it’s a family business with her sisters and all of them have Mary in their names).  It’s very unexpectedly.  Before that I was just taking pictures of all the food I see without minding everybody else.  Walang paki kung siksikan, basta makapicture! 😀

Before I ended up here, I was just looking for the rest of the gang.  It’s 2AM and my tummy’s crumbling.  I checked my phone but no text from them so I decided to text Eric (na naka-globe. :P). No reply after a few minutes so I decided to look for them while taking pictures.  Then, I saw this attractive Salmon Belly served along with other special dishes.  I pointed my camera and took some snaps because it’s irresistible. 

Looks and tastes good

Pinkish na Orange-ish na Salmon Belly!

Then I heard a lady telling me to make those shots good.. 🙂 She’s the owner of the stall.  Miss Mary asked me what’s the purpose of taking pictures.  I simply said it’s for my blog. Then in her delight, she shared a story where their business was featured in one blog. Our conversation continued because she’s really curious why blogging is a trend nowadays and what do I get from it.  She handed me crinkles and asked to taste it.  Syempre hindi na ko nahiya.. hehe

Crinkles by Sweet Mary

I noticed that they offer free taste as well.  Ayos nga naman para may preview ung mga bibili of what it taste like. There’s crinkles, dark chocolate cake, brownie oatmeal and the blueberry cheesecake that are free to try.  All tasted good though I’m not a fan of chocolate cakes, tamang-tama lang ang tamis but I fell for the blueberry cheesecake.  That’s why I ordered a slice for 85Php. Miss Mary excused herself for a while because of an incoming call.  I checked out other cakes while waiting for my order.

Chocolate Decadence

Oreo Cheesecake

Carrot Cake

I handed out my payment but Miss Mary told me to keep it.  She’s giving it to me for FREE!.. 😀 I was really surprised because it’s very unexpected.  It’s not everyday that I get something I want for free that’s why it’s very much appreciated.


The sweet slice..

Sweet Marys’ Cakeshop (Commissary) is located at #1 Clarinda Soriano cor. Aurora Pijuan St. GF Resort Village, Talon Dos, Las Piñas.  You can also check out their stall in Banchetto Food Market, every Friday night at F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

For orders, please call: 02-3830044


10 responses to “Sweet Cakes by Sweet Marys

  1. mukang mas masarap yan sa nabili kong cheescake nun banchetto night.

  2. wow ang sarap nung cakes!

  3. Ang sweet naman ni Ms. Mary, parang cake din. I love blueberry cheesecake also. 🙂

  4. those cakes are really good! lagi ko yan kinakain pag napapadaan ako sa bahay nila. recommend ko din ung ibang cakes nila. lalo na ung carrot cake 🙂

  5. I’m a big fan of their Chocolate Decadence, it’s one of the reason why I keep going to Banchetto every Friday night. 🙂

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