Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name

.. this is the title of the article about a not-so-good incident that surfaced in the blogging community recently.  I can’t help but to share my sentiments as well.

Disclaimer:  Hindi ito yung post about ostriches and deers ha.. side post muna tayo.. susunod na yun dito.. 🙂

But first, please read the whole story here.

Here’s what I have to say and learned:

– There are those kinds of people in the world, I’m referring to the PR firm and the Big Bad Blogger.  And there are A LOT of people who won’t do the same thing.

– Credibility is always at risk when writing about food.  Readers rely on it that’s why they read it. 

–  If the food tastes good, then you have good things to say.  If it doesn’t, be honest.  Blogging is influential.  Be a responsible blogger.

– There’s a lesson learned from Ms. Georgia’s experience.  I can’t blame her for what she feels.  But please bear in mind, not all bloggers are the same. 🙂

– To fellow bloggers, whatever comes out of your posts, stand by it.  If you ever commit a mistake, it doesn’t hurt to admit it and apologize.  There would be haters and pleasers.  They’re here to stay.

– Keep your posts as honest and natural as possible.  Readers love to read stories with no pretensions.  Your blogs reflect a part of who you are, or in some cases the whole of it.


3 responses to “Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name

  1. i find the write up bias for Georgia. dapat both sides of the story. it’s an ordinary showbiz trick. walang dating sakin..

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