Cathy’s Homestay | Feels like home indeed

As mentioned in my previous post, we’re supposed to stay in one of the beach front resorts in Blue Lagoon.  But because of the bad weather condition and distance from the places we plan to visit in our tour, we settled for Cathy’s Homestay in Saud Beach.  I cancelled our reservation politely and most importantly, ahead of our check-in time .

We bought something for our dinner before we check-in.  We went in a nearby mini grocery store because the wet market closes very early.  It only opens in the morning ’til noon.  Half day kumbaga.. Guess what we had for dinner?

A.  Century Tuna (Flakes in oil)

B. Lucky Me Chicken Noodles

C.  Eggs

D.  All of the above!

No guessing needed right?! haha Diet kami kaya diet rin ang bulsa!.. 😛 Time to leave because the rain is pouring again.  Cathy’s Homestay is a 10-minute tricycle ride from Sentro, where Kuya Arnel met us.

At 4:30PM, we arrived.  The first thing I did after putting our bags down is to check out the beach.  A couple of steps from our room is a glimpse of Saud Beach.  Cloudy are the skies and superior are the winds. Wala kang ibang maririnig kundi hampas ng alon at hampas ng hangin sa mukha mo.. 🙂

Rocky beach front

Alon kung alon!

Good thing the rain stopped completely and we had more time to explore the fine sands along Saud stretch.  There are quite a number of bigger beach front houses and Polaris is one of them – which BTW is one of the most recommended by travel blogs.

Few minutes later, nature gave us a fairer view of Saud with an almost awesome sunset.

Sun is setting

Sunset jumpshot

Too bad I forgot to change my camera’s ISO settings that’s why my shots appeared grainy.. tsk tsk ..

At 6:30PM we had our early dinner and Ate Cathy really cooked for us.  Parang nanay lang namin.. 🙂 Salamat po! At dahil gutom kami lahat, kain na agad sabay tulog.  Lahat bagsak, buong araw ba naman byahe ng byahe. 😛 Vigan to Laoag to Pagudpud!.. whew!

I woke up before midnight for some reason.  I planned to check the beach at 12 midnight.  It would be a good idea to shoot light trails again… B-U-T I had second thoughts.  Pag tingin ko kasi sa labas ng pinto eh ALL BLACK! Darkness all over and the winds are just crazy.  Coincidentally, Ate Cathy got out from their house as well.  She wanted to check us and thought that we might need something.  (That’s really thoughtful of her.) From there, we started a little conversation:

– her homestay is just a newbie.  It’s just a year old.  Keeping it up with bigger and more famous nearby resorts is a tough job as she shares.  Since it has the lowest rate among others, she’s being questioned.  But despite that, she was able to reason out that the rest of the resorts have complete facilities however in her lodging, she’s still working on it.

– she shared that there was a time that a certain old lady unexpectedly inquired in her lodging and inquired for rates.  She gleefully answered the queries and toured her guest around to show the rest of the place.  After they closed the deal, this lady shared that they were thrown out of their previous lodging because of some misunderstanding in the check-in/check-out time.  So she, along with her family looked for a better place to stay and settled in Ate Cathy’s.  That night, since Ate Cathy always offers to cook for her guests, this lady took over and cooked for them and had a good conversation with her.  Ate Cathy didn’t expect that they will have a little talk because this lady’s intimidating at first.  (Imagine a Bella Flores/Celia Rodriguez look.. ) 🙂

– that most of lots along Saud are owned by a rich couple.  Their kids inherited the lots and turned them into inns and resorts.  Most of them are working and living with their own families in Manila and only pay a visit once or twice a month.

– Ate Cathy has three children.  The eldest is in college, studying in Laoag and goes home during weekends only, and the other two are in grade shool.   Her husband drives their tricycle everyday to add income for their daily needs.  That’s when I knew that her husband is a relative of Kuya Arnel – there goes the connection. 🙂

– They live a pretty simple life beside the beach.  But Ate Cathy doesn’t allow her kids to go near the beach or even swim especially if there’s no adult to look after them.  As a mother,  she worries about her kids by the beach particularly during this time when the sea is not calm.

– She’s turning the place into a beach front resort but it’s still under processing.  She still needs to submit certain documents to DTI.  DTI is located in Laoag so she needs to travel 1.5 hours to make followups.

That little talk turned out not to be little after all.. It’s already 2:30 AM! She also didn’t notice it.  Maybe the growling winds outside did but I’m not sure.. lol


That's our room, 1st door, left

Cathy's Homestay - Feels like home indeed

Gepay, Giane, Rodem and Ate Cathy

For just 1,000php/night, we had a simple yet very neat room, 3 soft queen size beds, shared bathroom and fully air-conditioned.  On top of that, Ate Cathy will cook for you. That’s what sets it apart from other resorts nearby and that really made us felt like we’re home.  I want to pay her back by writing a post for her.  I know it’s just a simple help to promote her simple lodging.  So if you get to visit Pagudpud soon, please contact Ate Cathy.

Cathy’s Homestay, Saud Beach:  0919-5716680

29 responses to “Cathy’s Homestay | Feels like home indeed

  1. mura na sya for 1000php.. siguro ang ibang resorts dyan mas mahal o mas mataas ang rates.. indeed, a nice place to stay.. 🙂

    • Sobrang mura parekoy.. isa pa, pinagsaing nya kami at di pinabayaran ung bigas.. and nung umaga, binigyan nya pa kami ng 3-in1 coffee.. pero binalik namin kasi meron na kaming baon.. ambait!

  2. ah so there she is, the famous ate cathy of pagudpud!
    ang sulit naman!

  3. sulit ang stay. kung mapupunta ako dyan, dyan ako stay. wahehehe

  4. sarap ng tulog ko.. natulog lang ata ako ng natulog.. tinulugan ko kayo habang naglalaro ng baraha..hahaha.. lamig kc eh.. baet ni ate cathy, pinag init nya ko ng tubig pangligo.. thanks ate cathy ^_^

  5. Wow! Sulit nga… Sayang dapat dito din kami nagstay! Hehehe!

  6. Wow. Beachfront and only 1k!!! Naku, baka magfully booked kaagad si Ate Cathy dahil sa post na ito.

    Ganda ng kuha ng sunset. 🙂

  7. Hi, gaano po kalayo ang Cathy’s homestay sa mas maayos na beachfront? Thanks 🙂

  8. Sensya ka na ha, mga ilang steps kaya yun 3-5min? I need to check kasi if kaya ng nanay ko to walk up to that area from ate cathy’s place coz medyo hirap sya maglakad. Thaks for the fast reply 🙂

    • Hmmm.. that I’m not sure.. 3-5 minutes for the average adult siguro.. 🙂 I really can’t count it.. Yung way naman going sa mejo magandang part ng beach is maayos naman.. you’ll pass through sa tapat ng other beachfront houses.. I hope that helps.. 🙂

  9. I love the place and also ms. cathy is so hospitable…I recommend you tourist to stay CATHY homestay sulit na and affordable pa. 🙂

  10. matawagan nga si Ate Cathy… i’ll be in Pagudpud this weekend… =D

  11. hi..
    just red your blog and its si faboo..
    ill be in pagudpud next month..
    3 beds ba talaga ang per room.. 2 lang kasi kmi [arang napakalaki nman if we get the same room..
    can you suggest me that Kuya Arnel also’ i think he manage your north tour right?
    thank you and God bless

    • Hi… Yep 3 beds and kasya 2 sa isang bed.. queen size kasi.. I recommend Kuya Arnel for the tour.. Sya rin nag tour sa amin.. 😀 Mabait si Kuya Arnel and very accommodating! 😀

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  13. wanna ask po,yong 1000/night ilang pax yon?may additioanl po ba if sobra sa 3?

  14. thank you…

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