Chinese New Year’s Eve | A wrong move

Feb. 3, 2011 is Kung Hei Fat Choi.  This is the beginning of the new Lunar Year for our Chinese friends.  I planned to go to Binondo to witness a Chinese New Year celebration and the first plan was on the day itself.  A few days prior, I was informed that ABS-CBN will feature a grand Chinese New Year celebration at the Quirino Grand Stand with a parade that will start in Binondo, Manila on Feb. 2. My plan changed.  Along with my shootbuddy Whattaqueso, we went to Binondo on Feb. 2 to catch the dances before the parade begins.

Arrived @ 5PM.  The parade started at 4PM. Late!


Lion Dance across the street of Ongpin

Dragon dance

Challenge magshoot pag manual ang prime!

This was not the parade we’re after.  It seemed that we can’t follow its trail anymore but instead headed to the streets of Binondo.  Along the way, we met a group of photographers but they’re clueless as we are to where the parade is heading.


Binondo Church

Chinese Red Paper Lanterns to lit up the streets at night

Gold lucky rabbit charms

Rabbits of different styles

With colorful chicks on the side..

Don't I belong here?

With fruits of different kinds to push more luck

Getting darker

No other lion/dragon dances before the sun sets

All I expected to see today are the traditional lion and dragon dances but I think as the day wraps up, we won’t see any.  In front of Binondo Church is a stage setup for the countdown to the new year.  A lot of people already flocked at the park though the program there starts at 8PM.

Off we went to Quirino Grand Stand for chances of catching the parade before it settles for the grand celebration – but we’re too late.  The program started at 6:30PM and we got good spots inside the venue but it was not the way I anticipated it to be.  As usual, it’s a Chinese New Year the ABS-CBN way with their talents, barricades, bouncers, floor director – in short, it’s a show.  I thought it would be like all dances, performances, and fireworks.  All authentic Chinese.  But it wasn’t.  Though there were some that I saw at the beginning but I opted to call it the day.  I took some shots but I didn’t like it.  I still prefer to take photos of the dances at broad daylight.  I was already tired having only 2 hours of sleep.  Should’ve stuck with the original plan – wrong move today.

I enjoyed the fountain show more in Luneta before we went here and that’s what my next post will be all about. 😀



7 responses to “Chinese New Year’s Eve | A wrong move

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  2. ang cute nung golden rabbit figure. pero mas okay yung jinobus na sisiw. 😀

  3. sayang kase weekdays to. gusto ko sana pumunta. my taga-LATimes na nag-attend jan, nakita ko din kase na-feature yng pix ngcelebration sa LA Times. asteeg! I like the 5th pic! 🙂

    • Oo nga eh, kaya effort ang pagpunta ko dyan and it’s my first time. Last year kasi we had a play kaya this time, hindi ko na pinalampas.. Yun nga lang, dapat feb. 3 talaga.. Thanks Gael!

  4. dati dinig mga putukan hanggang tondo kapag chinese new year pero ngayong taon parang tahimik.. hindi ko nga namalayan eh..

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