Dancing Fountain of Luneta

As we follow the trail of the Chinese New Year parade that’s set for Quirino Grand Stand, we crossed the streets going to Luneta.  It’s been a loooong while and this  was the first time I saw it at night.  A lot has noticeably changed and the lights added glow to Manila’s finest and most famous park – not to mention being the home of Dr. Jose Rizal’s historical monument.  It’s a family park so I expect to see kids walking and playing with their parents, having a picnic and feeling the cold night.  Students from different nearby colleges/universities were doing their homeworks, dance rehearsals, making group projects, jogging, horse playing, simple chit-chatting and texting.  On the other hand, it’s also a place for lovers who find Luneta a perfect place to hold hands and kiss.  It’s as if they don’t mind children seeing them doing their display of affection.  Never mind them because the night belongs to the newly reopened dancing fountains which is the center of attraction in this spot of Manila.

As the sun sets on us..

The show starts to the tune of Pyramid


Graceful and COLORFUL

The 88 feet high pulsating fountain with 38 small ones

Though I considered this day to be a wrong move for missing the dragon and lion dances on the eve of Chinese New Year, I think it wasn’t that bad at all.  The fountain saved the day!


18 responses to “Dancing Fountain of Luneta

  1. I love the first and the last photos. May ganito na pala sa Luneta. 🙂

  2. wow eto na pala yung sa luneta! maganda inferness! maganda yung music?

    times like these, magsisisi kang di ka nagdala ng triipod.. hehe

    • Pop music and talagang rinig sa buong area.. 😀 wala sa plano ang luneta pero dahil nadaanan, ayun, pigil hininga para hindi halatang pasmado.. hehe

  3. Tagal ko na rin palang di napupunta dito, meron na palang ganito. Hehe. Nice shots Jeff!

  4. first time to see this at night. thanks for the photos Jeff!

  5. ay—meron narin pala sa Luneta? nauuso na talaga ang mga fountain. kahit copycat lang yung iba—welcome yan sakin. at least gumagawa na ng effort ang mga cities ngyn to beautify their areas. kesa dati walang pakialam kung anu hitsura ng mga parks nila.D:

    • Yep that’s a good thing.. sana lang eh maappreciate ng mga tao ung efforts to beautify our parks and in return, maalagaan rin.. especially Luneta.. tatak ng Pinoy ang Luneta eh.. 😀 Thanks for dropping by Pusang Kalye!

  6. Ganda naman ng kulay. at mas malaki ata sya sa eastwood fountain

  7. Hi!

    Nice pix!

    I’d like to know if the dancing fountain has sched?

  8. soso good i like luneta i would like to go in their!!!

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