Si Agimat, si Enteng at ang Hot Air Balloons

It’s my first time to see the 27 colorful Hot Air Balloons in Clark, Pampanga on Feb. 13, 2011.  It’s also the last day and as expected, people flocked to see the conclusion of this 4-day annual event.

Let’s back up a few hours:

I’m supposed to go with my long time college friends Boggs, Rebo and Taj.  Unfortunately, we don’t have wheels to use so they decided not to go.  I just went on my own without having doubts taking public transport going to Pampanga.  Good thing there’s Spiderham who accompanied me.

@ 4:00AM we left Five Star Bus Terminal in Cubao.  Fare is 56php – ordinary bus pala yung nasakyan namin.  Ayos lang din kasi malamig naman at may Video-On-Board.  Ang palabas – Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote. We arrived 5:30AM in Dau – natutukan ko ang pelikula pero hindi ko natapos. That’s a 1.5 hour long windy trip.  It’s time to keep going to catch up with the first flight of the hot air balloons in the morning.

We’re about to meet Gepay and Giane at the main entrance to get our tickets.  Special thanks to them, they secure our entrance tickets.  If it weren’t for them, siguro alas otso na ng umaga nakapila pa rin kami sa labas.  Ang haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaba ng pila at ang pila ng mga sasakyan na papasok sa parking eh umabot ng 3-4kms from the main gate.  OA sa OA! At that point, I realized it’s a good thing that I took public transport,  yun nga lang instant walkathon ng 2kms to get to the venue.

@7AM we officially got inside and a few paragliders carrying different flags including ours started to roam around the skies.

The sun has just come out

Amazing sunrise view atop the mountain

Waving the United States flag

Overlooking the crowd..

Waving to thousands of expectators..

Thanks to my zoom lens, I was able to capture a closer look at the balloons before they take off.

The burner throws propane gas to heat up the air inside

Setting up for the flight..

Burners on the move..

VIP's gather 'round and pose for picture

One of the most colorful balloons

Where are the other 6 dwarves?

All systems go and ready for take off..

The flights should have began at 5:30AM but was delayed because the sun was shy to come out until 7AM.  Behold the 27 hot air balloons coming from various countries around the globe.

First in the air..

Is this Frosty? The snowman?..

Vibrant in the air..

And those that aren’t shaped like the traditional ones.  Awesome!

The Flying House


Darth Vader's head - Sort of a shy-type

4 out of the 27 hot air balloons

Others are no where to be found already..

From digicams..

to Zoom lens..

to uber ZOOM lens..

Some set up tents the night before to secure good spots once the program started.

Aside from the gigantic balloons, the day was packed with different aircraft acrobatics, skydiving, kite-flying, air craft exhibits, photobooths, and a rescue drill.  Your 150Php entrance fee is totally worth it. Especially when you see beautiful people all over the place.  Magaganda ang mga Kapampangan. I noticed this more when we had our lunch in SM Clark. 😀


Coming from 10,000 feet above..

Kites added color to the sky..

Actual rescue drill...

Participating countries..

Barkada shot!

@ 2PM we headed to the bus terminal bound for Manila.  Hanap kami ng going to Pasay para sa Ortigas ako bababa. Yung Five Star kasi eh hanggang Cubao lang.  Victory Liner na ang nasakyan namin, 132Php ang pasahe dahil aircon na.  Saktong-sakto lang dahil papaalis na rin, kami na lang pala ang hinihintay.. hehe Pag upong-pag-upo ko, narinig ko ang boses ni Vic Sotto at ni Bong Revilla sa TV.  At sabi ko, parang pamilyar yung huling eksenang nakikita ko sa TV.  Nagkatinginan na lang kami ni Spiderham.  Hulaan mo anong palabas? 😛 (Hi Fans!)


18 responses to “Si Agimat, si Enteng at ang Hot Air Balloons

  1. base!!!!!!


    angkukulay ng balloons.

    buti di natunaw si prosti da snowman :p

  2. reposting it on my fb page. great blog! keep on coming 🙂

  3. Bwahahaha! I was able to finish the movie while you slept~

  4. nakakalulala, naglalabasan ang mga tig 100,000 peso lens pag ganyang event! sarap mangholdup! ^_^

  5. Nice shots, Jeff. Di ganito kaganda ang langit nung Sat. Natawa ako sa sinabi mong magaganda ang kapampangan kasi parang sa pagtingin lang ako sa magaganda nag enjoy nung Sat (at kay darth vader). My photos of the hot air balloons are below 50 pero ang photos ko ng mga magagandang girls at magagaling pumorma during the festival ay more than 50.

    I spotted Mister Val Rodriguez, photographer ni Tita Cory at FVR at one of canon brand ambassadors, post ko details sa blog ko.

    Hope to see you next year. 🙂

    • haha I have shots of other girls sa event po mismo hehe pero I won’t know if their Kapampangans.. Sa SM Clark ho kasi, nung nagcoffee kami, there are a lot of pretty women and I heard them talking in their dialect.. then I realized na puro sila kapampangan.. 🙂

      Will wait for your shots and blog entry sir! 🙂

  6. ano pa ba nga ba.. si khantotantra na naman ang naka base..!!

  7. Nako, nahiya naman ako sa mga pics ko, wala akong pang zoom na ganyan ka-todo! hahaha! Nice… Pagkabasa ko ng post title mo, kala ko nakasabay kita sa bus kasi si Agimat at Enteng Kabisote din palabas nung pauwi kami galing Pampanga! Hahaha! 🙂

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