Captured: Unknown Tweet-Tweet

Before I go to bed earlier today, I thought of something ‘worthwhile’ doing and that would also prevent me from using my laptop.  I’ve been exposed to the world wide web for almost 9 hours in the office so I try to unattach myself to the computer when I’m at home at least (unless necessary.. :P) Besides, the only programs shown on TV during the morning are mostly for kids. So, I grabbed my camera and started shooting outside.  Then I saw this:

What kind of bird are you?

I really don’t have an idea what it is called.  Hindi naman maya-maya pero parang pamilyar sa akin.  Nakakuha na rin ata ako ng picture nito nungnagcover kami ng kasal last year.. hmmmm.. Hummingbird ka ba? 😛 lol


I’m no expert at birds.  In fact, I don’t play with them either.. 😛

Uy, nakaramdam na kinukunan..


Suma-side view!


If you know what this is called, please let me know. :))


9 responses to “Captured: Unknown Tweet-Tweet

  1. tarat! 😀 yan ata yung ibon na malaki ng onti sa maya na mas malaki sa pipit. :p

  2. i loveeeee the shots!

    napadaan lang…

    at natawa ng chubra sa comment ni khanto.. amf hahahaha

  3. naks, showcasing the zoom lens! 😉

  4. bwahahaha! TARAT~
    looking for somebody who is expert with Birds!
    sorry! pang-pusa lang ako~

  5. tanong ka sa office kung sino mahilig sa Bird?

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