What’s the best value for a hundred pesos?

Would you -?

A.  Buy a prepaid card?

Texting-texting, surfing-surfing and calling-calling your loved ones and your LOVED ONE?


oftentimes, you consume it for a day only… still, you need to reload afterwards..

B.  Exchange for a Starbucks Gift Certificate?

For a soothing dose of Java Chip Frapuccino and free wi-fi? (with chismisan on the side) 😛


You’ll still add 55Php pesos for a Tall size…

C.  Ride a cab?

For a much convenient way going to the office or else where?


40php flag down and it’s rush hour? Unlucky you,  your 100php won’t make it.

D.  Buy a Value Meal in your favorite fast food chain?


But upgrade to LARGE Fries and Drink would cost 25Php more?..

E.  Or perhaps…. spend it in an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN restaurant????

100Php for real?

I’ve been curious to try this 100 peso eat-all-you-can resto located in Claveria Plaza along Circumferential Road in Antipolo.  I must admit that I have my hesitations at first and questioning what are the kinds of food they offer.  It’s hard to believe to eat all the food you can for only 100Php.  Then the time has come to put it to a test. 😛

Simple and pretty neat interiors

Wondering where’s the buffet table? Here.

All Filipino food

Pick your pick!

The banana leaf - a part of Pinoy Dining

Lutong-bahay ang setup. I was a little surprised because there are quite a number to choose from.  Gutom na ko kaya Tara Let’s Eat!

Adobong Baboy, Pakbet, Pritong Salay, Spareribs and Pasta

Gutom ka na no?

To balance the over intake of fats.. 😛


Commence Eating!

The verdict? Nothing special on the taste but it’s not bad as well.  Authentic Pinoy cooking for a very affordable price. You really get the value of your 100Php in every dig. Alternative (less expensive) ingredients might have been used to spice up the dishes that’s why it’s appealing to budget conscious people. Though they are very strict on three things:

No Sharing

No Left Overs

and No Take Home ;P

When you get to visit Antipolo soon, you may try My Pot Restaurant.


36 responses to “What’s the best value for a hundred pesos?

  1. At may picture ka rin ng GC ng Starbucks na nakapatong sa keyboard! LoL!

  2. panalo! 100php lang???
    kaso anglayooo naman..
    maliligaw pa ko.. never been to antipolo..
    ligawing bata pa naman ako..
    nakakatuwa ung kawali at dahon ng saging
    nakakaengganyo namang pumunta at kumain…
    may mahila sana ko papunta jan one of these days

    • Masarap talagang kumain sa dahon ng saging. We used to do that in our house, isang malaking dahon ng saging talaga and lahat ng pagkain namin andun.. and the best part?.. naka-kamay kumain!.. sarap! 😀

      • namiss ko din ung pagkain ng ganun..
        everytime may mga outdoor outings kame before ng mga college friends ko, ganun ang gawain namin, tas may itlog na maalat, kamatis at manggang hilaw. yum! hahaha

      • da best yang combination na yan!.. nagutom ako bigla.. miss ko na itlog na pula.. 😛

      • natawa ko ng bongga pagkabasa ko ng huling comment ko.. “everytime may outdoor outings” meron bang indoor outings?
        bobotics na naman akei! hahaha

        bumalik ako para sana sabihing ang ulam ko kanina eh tapa na beef tapa na binalot sa dahon ng saging at may kasamang itlog na pula, kamatis, mangga at bagoong hihihihi

      • haha at tama ba namang mang-inggit??? 😛

  3. pag umakyat tayo sa antipolo after nian sesha na jeff. 😀

    tapos punta sa hinulugang taktak wakakakakaka

  4. i don’t go much for buffets kasi lugi ako. di ako malakas kumain…gustuhin ko man, di kaya ng tyan ko! he he!

    • baka figure conscious ka ms. grace.. hehe ako it depends sa klase ng pagkain, and I would make sure na wala pa akong kinakain all throughout the day bago sumabak sa eat all you can.. 🙂

  5. nagutom ako bigla… hahaha!

  6. wow! yan na ang ultimate sulit buffet!!!

  7. hindi ka naman bumibili ng 100 prepaid, nagpapalista ka lang~

  8. Naks naman! Kelangan mapuntahan ko yan, sinusuyod ko na Antipolo. Lapit ba yan sa Shopwise?

  9. hhmm.. nakakbuchogs dyan ah.. kelan mo kami ililibre dyan jep? 😛

  10. Wow!! Seeing the interior of the place and the buffet menu is appetizing. Nakakatakam 🙂

  11. 100 Pesos? Not bad for a buffet. Pero sa 39ers pa rin ako ng Jobee kasi nagtitipid pa! hehe.

  12. Nakakatuwa naman at may ganito na palang restaurant. Laking tipid talaga ito. ^_^ Too bad ang layo ko sa Antipolo pero I will definitely ask my friends to check it out. 🙂

    • Yep kahit ako na surprise and at first I thought na hindi ganun karami yung food selections.. kala ko puro merienda type lang.. pero I was wrong.. hehe 🙂

  13. P100 …. prang gusto ko itry.. aik hindi pla parang gusto itry.. gusto ko pala talaga itry.. hihihi.. one time samahan mo kami huh.. kain tayo jan..

  14. Virgilio Lucas

    Been there last week, sulit talaga 100 pesos lutong bahay. they have also a private air con room for 20 to 30 persons free for two hours and 1,000 every succeding hour and a karaoke for 200 pesos for 2 hours. PUEDE pag maliit budget sa B day.

  15. Until what time po sila open? Pag Sunday open ba sila?

    • Hmm I think they’re open until around 10-11PM.. though not really sure.. and yes they’re open on a Sunday.. Sunday kami kumain nun.. 🙂

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