Say a little prayer

With all of the unexpected turn of events happening around us, (the world), from bombings, war, bloody protests and natural calamities, I hope we never forget to say a little yet sincere and powerful prayer everyday not only for our own sake but for our loved ones, our friends and to everyone who needs it. I’m no philantropist – that’s way beyond my guts.  I’m just a simple living man who’s praying and waiting for a miracle to happen, not only for myself but to the world.


14 responses to “Say a little prayer

  1. Hi, Jeff. Nakakalungkot at nakakakilabot. You’re right, ang mabisang panlaban sa lahat ng nangyayari sa atin sa paligid ay panalangin.

  2. our world needs prayer…

  3. yup… pray for everyone’s safety

  4. kayang kaya ng Japan yan. in no time, they’ll get through this

  5. Lord, thank you for Tsunami didn’t hit Ilocos or any part of the Philippine Archipelago. My family and theirs are safe. Please embrace us with your love and with your protection always. Amen.

  6. I agree with you Jeff. Prayers do make miracles. I am saddened by the fact that ang daming negative issues around the globe. But I am positive that in the end, things will be better. Basta we should have faith and hope na everything will be alright. 🙂

  7. tama!.. kelangan natin magdasal para sa kaligtasan ng lahat..

  8. no-touch ako sa post. 🙂 short yet very inspiring. thank you Jeffz for the reminder. May you be blessed more.

  9. Saying a prayer won’t hurt.

    I am really saddened by the bad news that are plaguing the world. And isa pa sa ikinaka-lungkot ko is that, it involves OFW’s. I hope the government will do its part to ensure the safety of our modern heroes. They helped us when we are in need (They were the reason why we didn’t feel the global crisis of 2009). Now, it’s our turn to lend a hand.

    My prayer also goes to people who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami, by the revolutions (sort of) in the Middle East and many more. May they recover from these tragedies as soon as possible. Believe me, miracle do happen.

  10. We pray for Japan. 😀

  11. hindi lang dapat dasal… siguro dapat may pagbabago din sa sarili. We should be thankful kasi hindi pa dumarating satin ang ganyang delubyo. He’s kind enough to give us a chance to live. God bless us all. =)

  12. Prayers are very powerful. But we tend to forget to say them because we are too busy living in a material world. It’s only these catastrophes, as in Japan, that we say them again, sincerely and even desperately. World Catastrophes keep us together through our prayers..

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