The Script Live in Manila! but…

One of the concerts I’m really, really looking forward ((and hoping) to watch.  Didn’t know they’re coming until I saw the ad in Star World.  I became an instant fan when I heard the song, “The Man Who Can’t be Moved” – a bitter/sweet record.  BTW, if you want to hear more of their songs, plug in your head/earphones and hit the iPod Nano Classic on the right panel of my blog (just in case you haven’t seen it yet.. :P) Listening to their songs makes you feel like listening to great movie soundtrack.  Superb!

This is a once in a lifetime chance so I might really go and watch them.  But first, I’m calling out to generous friends and friends of friends 🙂 who can hand me out discounted tickets (or a media pass.. hehe) to see the concert, pretty please please.. 🙂 I honestly can’t afford 4500php! 😦

Please send me an email at  I owe you bigtime if you could :)..



13 responses to “The Script Live in Manila! but…

  1. gusto ko din mapanood yan. enge din akong passes 😀

  2. ay! ang mahal naman! kung mayaman lang ako jeff, libre kita! he he!

    gusto ko din songs nila. but i just content myself on listening to them on the ipod. he he!

    • Wow.. touched ako Ms. Grace! baka magdilang anghel ka!.. 🙂 when I watch concerts I see to it na talagang gustong-gusto ko yung act para sulit ang bayad.. like the script.. if I knew it months before, I could’ve saved enough.. 😀

  3. ang mahal ng tikit. pambili ko na yun ng isang set ng laruan.

  4. i agree! please visit my site~
    anong mga iba pang sikat na songs nila? grabe sobrang tanda ko na ba at di ko na kilala itong mga new bands~

  5. good move yan. malay mo may magbigay ng passes. go go!

  6. Hi. Sorry for the intrusion. 🙂 I’m desperate for the tickets myself so I looked them up and I found this page. I already have three lower box tickets, but I have two other friends who’ve just decided to watch it too. Please, if you know of anyone who has no need for the tickets anymore (lost his mind, met a horrible accident, etc), please contact me: OR 09213248166. Thanks!


  7. Awww. 😥 We still haven’t got all the tickets we need. We till have a few days left before the concert. May good things happen. :p

    Tip: Keep checking with Ticketnet; sometimes other seats get freed up before the concert. We got a ticket by being sooo persistent. :p We need one more, though.

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