Iloilo Day 3: Climbing a mountain with goggles and board shorts (Second Half)

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Lezz Go Island Hopping! (rate is 500php only).

It’s still cloudy in the afternoon but as we sail, the rain didn’t fall.  I’m very excited to see the 3 islands I saw in Ambot Ah‘s blog.  There were 3 that was featured but there were still more small islands nearby that we can check out.  I also referred to the itinerary he posted in his blog.  Unfortunately, we’re not able to follow it as it is.  But it was a lot of help! (Thank you!)

Along the way, Mang Sonny is telling us bits of information on the islands we see.  One of them is an island owned by Edu Manzano’s family.  Yes, you heard it right.  Not just a beach resort but the whole island itself! Enormously rich eh?!

30 minutes of smooth sail had passed and we reached Tambalisa Island. This is commonly mistaken with Pan de Azucar.  Pan de Azucar is the name of the mountain situated in Tambalisa.

The water is calling me to take a dip!

Unlike in Sandbar, the sand is fine and fairer in this island.  There are houses near the shore where a number of boats are docked.

A view of Mount Pan de Azucar

An old lady fishing for lunch

Knowing that it’s very near the shore, I thought she can’t catch a single fish – she proved me wrong then.

Slowly but surely catch

I asked if I can help her out but more than 20 minutes passed but no luck came my way.  If I wasn’t living in a mountainous area, I’ll definitely master this craft.  🙂

Mang Sonny showed us a rest house owned by one of former President Gloria Arroyo’s cabinet members.  It’s the only rest house you can find in the island.

The native rest house

The weather is just getting better and the sun shows up from the clouds. It’s time to beach bum! We’re all ready to take a swim..

Sun Block - check!, Board Shorts - check!, Goggles - check!

But hep.. hep.. before we dive into the water, Mang Sonny asked us to see Hampangan Rock – a small mountain just a few meters uphill.  He promised us that it’s going to take us a few minutes.  He doesn’t want us to miss seeing it. And so we go.. 🙂

Along the way, we met friendly and chatty locals and asked for directions on how to get there.  They said the mountain will give us a perfect view of Tambalisa and nearby islands.

After 15 minutes of brief walking, we saw the mountain.  I didn’t expect Mang Sonny to be as adventurous and extreme as a kid.  He didn’t follow the right path up the mountain but instead, went over the twigs and started climbing right away! (talk about excitement + adrenalin rush hehe) Without wearing any climbing gears on (but only bottle of pepsi at hand), we have no choice but to follow. . *sign of the cross*..  I never felt frightened until I saw how high we already were.  I shouldn’t have turned my head back. lol

Dem: I thought we're gonna swim!

We rested for a while, drunk the remaining drops of Pepsi (free advertising… hehe) and I didn’t even think of continuing the climb.  But, they’re all going so there, I reached the top!

The view's just perfect..

My first mountain top climb in years..whew!

Here's Mang Sonny, our friendly tour guide and owner of Sandbar (0906.819.7516)

Sporting the best climbing attire.. lol

We just spent a few minutes at the top because it started to rain – weird weather..  And we began our trek down.

Along the way, Mang Sonny told me that it was his first time to climb the mountain.  He spent all his life in Sandbar and just heard Hampangan Rock from stories of his childhood friends.  This explains the excitement and the smile painted all over his face.  At that point, I felt a jerk in my heart (honestly).  Being a part of someone else’s memorable adventure is priceless.  I won’t forget this as well.

Before we head back to Sandbar, we took our time to swim – finally! The goggles has found their use.. hehe  We decided not to visit other islands because we still have a 3-hour land travel going back to the city and another 30 minutes going to the airport.

At noon time, the sand hit high.  Look.

Lubog na ang mini-kubo..

Closer look..

Sandbar gone.. for the meantime..

At noon I thought the rains will delay our departure.  Good thing, it only poured for a few minutes. We’re going back to the city to catch our flight at 7PM!

Nami ang stay namin sa Iloilo! (hope I got that right!.. hehe)

P.S.  Before our flight take off, I received a text that there’s an ongoing earthquake in Manila. I was extremely worried that time.  Thank God, when we arrived it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


21 responses to “Iloilo Day 3: Climbing a mountain with goggles and board shorts (Second Half)

  1. yeah, this is marcos’ hometown! (ambot ah)
    i met him last march. ang tahimik ^_^

    psst, why not use flickr? nadedegrade quality ng shots mo pag direct upload dito..

    • Hi Chyng!.. hindi pa ako Pro account sa flickr eh and no plans yet of upgraing it.. I already noticed it before na mejo bumababa picture quality pag sa wordpress.. I’m planning to use my own site na for uploading my photos.. soon to be na yan.. hehe

      Kaya pala Marcos ang sabi ni Mang Sonny sa akin na blogger rin na nagte-take ng pictures ng Iloilo.. lately ko na rin narealize na blog nya pala ung ambot-ah.. hindi kasi sya nagreply nung inemail ko nun.. when I was planning our IT.. 🙂 special thanks to him!

  2. anga ganda ng view! gustong gusto ko mga ganyang views! 🙂 and the native accommodation seems nice also! 🙂

    natawa ako sa climbing “gears and attire” nyo…napasabak kay ng di oras ano? he he!

    • haha napaakyat kami ng wala sa oras.. sabi kasi ni mang sonny, saglit lang daw kami.. may titignan lang, yun pala aakyat talaga kami ng bundok! hehe

  3. Wow! Ang ganda dito, gusto ko din dun sa mountain! Hehehe!

  4. kay tarik ng dinaanan paakyat pero buti na lang at di pa umaambon nung paakyat, antarik e

  5. Ang sarap naman ng nahuli ni ate. 🙂

  6. ang kulit lang ni lola. namimingwt pa.hahaha. I see pala na di ka masyado fan ng the sript.nuod kaba concert?

  7. hehe, nagmountain climb pala kayo dun bago kaso nagbeach.. 🙂

  8. hello jepot.. im back from outer space! after ng ilang days nawala.. saludo ako kay lola galing mamingwit ng isda..

  9. coolness! you just made me miss Iloilo! =)

  10. Hey JeffZ,

    Awesome post and photos of Concepcion. Glad naging successful yung trip ninyo. I’m so happy a lot of bloggers are starting to explore Northern Iloilo’s beaches.

    @Chyng: Nahiya kase ako sa inyo 😦

  11. Ei Marcos.. haha nabasa mo pa comment ni Chyng?.. hehe
    Mang Sonny told me about you taking photos of Iloilo.. it was a good overnight stay.. Marami pa sana kaming napuntahan na island kaso kulang sa oras.. Next time Guimaras naman or other beaches up north.. 😀

    Thanks for the IT pala you posted in your blog.. it was a lot of help! 😀

  12. hi…just want to ask…may signal b sa bolobadiangan island? planning to join my friends going there eh..thank u..

  13. Mejo mahina ang signal pero Mang Sonny was able to reply to me naman.. 🙂 sa Concepcion market hindi problema ang signal..

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