Buddies on the Road

Traveling with friends has its own dose of goodness and sometimes, worse-ness.. 🙂 I’d like to make a post for this one since I’ve been going to places with my friends lately.  Even years back, I noticed that I really am into group traveling.  For me, it’s  much fun especially when your friends are crazy fun earthlings and travel junkies as well. Truly it is a good feeling to have someone accompany you during long hours of travel especially by land.  They also are a big help in shouldering your trip expenses (plus when in times of “wallet bankruptcy”, you have a friend you can turn to. lol. ) You can easily kill boredom and idle hours by merely horsing around with them, cam whoring, sharing non-sense AND corny jokes, and laughing out loud. Most of the time, yeah, it’s just pure non-sense but that’s where the fun begins! 😛

Here’s a couple of pictures:

Fusion in Gota Village, Caramoan

Bicolandia - Mayon's in front of us, believe it or not!

This photo was taken in Albay with my highschool classmates.  We parade rest  for the Mayon Volcano (which is kinda shy to show up that day because of the bad weather).  “Parade Rest” pose because they were the former model platoon.. hehe You’ll notice who’s lousy and not. 😛 From L-R: Erwin, Jepoy, Misael, Arden, Jhen, Richard, Bebz and Lei.  It seems Bea took this photo. 😛

Boracay Newbie

Our first time in Boracay except for Zaida.  Photo was taken last October 2009 when I still didn’t know that 4300php for a round trip airfare is expensive! That’s a learning from the past! 🙂 Now, I can only get that for 400php round trip all in 😛 See you in November! 🙂 From L-R: Jepoy, Boggs, Harriet, Mitch, Zaida and Xtn.  Gerald took this photo.

Puerto Galera

This was the first time that most of my friends meet each other (I’m the common denominator).  And as always, I planned this summer getaway. 😛 From L-R: Boggs, Lace, Harriet, Mitch, Nelson, Edison and Me!

Owning the beach

What’s good when the crowd is lesser, you can own the beach! That’s what we did on a Monday of May 2007.  Running, jumping and pure beach bumming until your skin itch. 🙂

Island hopping in Iloilo

Even if you’re not in a big group, you can still enjoy your friends’ company as long as they’re up for anything – even if it’s mountain climbing instead of beach bumming. Yeah, that’s what happened when we explored Iloilo just last March. With Rodem and Gelow, Jan Dee took the photo.

Baguio in bloom

Having a friend who lives in Baguio is an advantage and an easy pass to Penagbenga Festival.  Aside from showing you around the city, he sure knows the logistics and you won’t worry about getting to your lodging.  Speaking of lodging, when some turn of events didn’t happen as you want it to be, you might end up having a good night sleep in their house as well. 😛 Instant and free accommodation to top it all off! haha Big big thanks to Irman.

PMA wannabes

From L-R:  Jim, Nica, Jane & Ate He (mother and daughter tandem), Ericson, Irman, Stacey, Gelow and ME!!

Before 2010 ends, I planned to kick off 2011 by planning my trips in various places in the PH.  First was Ilocos in January because of my itching desire to see Pagudpud (and also because I found a cheap RT airfare via CebuPac bound for Laoag).

Ilocos Getaway

Some noticed that I’m always with friends.  A lot of my FB photos can attest to that.  But I also want to try traveling alone some other day.  I sure think that it’s a different experience.  Might not be as fun as group travels but fun in a different way. Less hassles when it comes to making urgent decisions.  It’s something I’m gonna look forward to. Any suggestions? 🙂


15 responses to “Buddies on the Road

  1. you have been bitten by the traveller’s bug.. hehe madami ka pang pending na travels and more pics to share.. jep, check mo ung pic mo sa boracay.. long hair ka pala dati.. 🙂

  2. naunahan ako ni jim. aw

    hanap ka ng travel na solo lang.

    Ako din balak ko magtravel alone. try ko magtravel sa……… Antipolo :p

  3. You should try travelling by yourself. It gives you more opportunity to see the inner you–how adventurous you really are, how outgoing you can become and the thrill of facing it all alone. Good luck! 🙂

  4. i loved looking at your pics jeff! 🙂

    i also get to travel with friends. and every time i look at our pics, napapangiti ako at gusto ko uli umalis! but we don;t get to travel as much as you do. busy na eh! 🙂

    we are so lucky to have friends who are crazy as we are.

  5. It is, indeed, always fun to travel with friends. However, traveling alone can also be rewarding 😉 I travel with friends, too. Minsan naman, I choose to travel alone.

    At, dahil you and your friends are travel bugs, invite ko kayo minsan na dalawin ang rock formations sa town ng Biri sa Northern Samar. I posted some photos at my blog if you’d be interested. This is just my small way of contributing to the tourism of my province. Sadly, medyo napag-iiwanan na kasi kami 😦

    • Hi Miss N. All along I thought you were a guy!.. sorry naman.. 🙂 Bakit pala Nortehanon? curious me 😀 I saw your post for Macadlao.. Rock formations never fail to impress me.. it’s a proof of nature’s wonder… and it’s very interesting to go there to see it up close.. para kasing it brings me to a different era.. I can’t imagine how people live during that time. and yang rock formations ang souvenirs of the past.. Never been in Samar and Leyte.. I want to see San Juanico Bridge! 😀

  6. Sagada for solo travel! 🙂

  7. I ma not an advocate of solo travel kasi alam kong mahal–iba talaga pag me travel buddies ka.makakamura ka na nga—no dull moments pa:D

    • and syempre may asawa ka na.. it would be odd to have a solo travel.. but depende sa inyo siguro if it’s okay for both of you.. ikaw rin, sabi mo nga AMAZONA sya.. hehe *kidding..

  8. parang hindi bagay sayo ang solo travel, hahaha..

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