I got my groceries back! #TYRobSupermarketCS!

Yes! thank goodness I was able to get my hundred peso plus worth of things I bought back in Robinson’s Galleria Supermarket.

100 plus na yan! 😀

Here’s the back story. On my way home on Wednesday, I dropped by Robinson’s Galleria to buy some items I’ll need for our trip to Baler this coming weekend. Though I have to stick with the pesosesoses I have in my wallet, I still bought 3 shirts and new board shorts.  This is waaaaaay out of budget! lol Besides, I’m already running out of clothes to wear. 😀 (pampalubag loob na lang.. hehehe) As I walked out of the department store, I decided to buy some grocery items which is not in my initial list to buy.  I bought 2 cans of Century Tuna, 2 cans of San Marino Tuna Paella (my current favorite), 2 Marty’s, a huge Close Up toothpaste with free toothbrush (yey!), shampoo, conditioner and facial wash.  I still want to buy more but the budget forbids. I got out of the supermarket but just before I go out, I bought my pamangkins donuts for merienda.  Munchkins for the minions.. 🙂

When I got home I noticed that something is missing.  You guess it right! (or not??) The toothpaste (with free toothbrush, aww), shampoo and facial wash are missing. Tsk! First time it happened and I was 100% sure that the bagger didn’t put it in the plastic bag.  He handed me 1 bag only and that bag doesn’t contain those items.

So today, I went back to check if I can retrieve the missing items.  At first I was hesitant to go back thinking that they might not acknowledge my query.  But apparently, I was able to get it back!. I just presented the receipt to the Customer Service and they handed the items completely. I know it didn’t cost a lot but still, it’s the value of my money I’m after whether it’s just 50 bucks.

Thanks to Robinson’s Supermarket CS! My personal hygiene won’t be compromised anymore! yikes 😛


14 responses to “I got my groceries back! #TYRobSupermarketCS!

  1. Another success story Mapanuri ahahha. Galing naman at nitago nila un item mo. Kudos Robinsons’s Supermarket CS!

    • success story talaga?.. 🙂 natuwa lang ako kasi nakuha ko pa.. akala ko talaga kasi wala na yun, as in hindi ko na makukuha.. I set my mind that way..

  2. Jaypee De Vera

    Well not us, my mom was in Robinson’s Supermarket in Junction, Cainta about 3 years ago. My mom placed the groceries (about 2,000+ pesos worth) in her car and left about 15 minutes to buy some take-out from a fastfood chain. The car was locked inside the parking area.

    To her surprise the groceries were gone! There was a security guard in that area and some tricycle drivers! Excuse na lang nila, “sorry po wala po nakakita.” and the management didn’t go anything about it. They said was my mom’s fault for leaving the groceries in the car. WTF! di ba. So no choice mom ko, bili na lang uli. From that point on I hated Robinson’s till today!

    • Hi Jaypee. Sorry to hear that.. if there’s someone to blame, I think the guards on duty.. kasi locked na ung car doors then may nakasalisi pa.. in a matter of 15 minutes??? ambilis nun! tas may gana pa silang manisi?.. what the efffffff talaga!…

  3. kudos to ur sakses

  4. at ng dahil dito sa entry mo… naalala ko naiwan ko yung toothbrush at toothpaste ko sa CR ng babae dito sa office nung sabado.. hindi ko na nakuha nung tuesday.. sayang yung toothpaste ko.. madami pang laman.. 😦

  5. hahaha, excited much kasi, hahaha. kudos for ROB’s honesty! e panu kaya kung sa SM dept store yan mangyari? baka kunin lan ni henry sy, hahaha. peace.

    • eric, hindi naman ako nagmadali umalis, isang bag lang talaga ung inabot sa akin.. naglagay pa nga ako ng sukli sa wallet bago ako umalis.. palibhasa kasi, walang colgate sa SM!.. haha ano nga ulit na toothpaste un???

  6. *clap clap*

    kudos to robinson’s. siguro sa iba, pahirapan pa yan!

    enjoy your trip!

  7. yikes! kahit ako, mahihiya sigurong kunin pa yun sa UNA… pero maiisip kong pera din yun no. hindi pwedeng hindi. kung sa jeep nga e.. nung 7.50 p lang pamasahe hinihingi ko pa ang sukli. yan pa kaya. Buti naman in-acknowledge nila no. may mababait pa rin tlagang natitira. =)

    • yeah, and I think it’s a must talaga sa kanina pag may naiwan.. and nung kinuha ko, naka plastic na, na hindi talaga nailagay dun sa supo n nakuha ko.. despite that, okay na rin at least I knew na tinatabi nila ung mga naiwan or nakalimutan isama sa plastic bag.. 😀

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