Boracay Reclamation Project – Boo!

Just a few days ago I heard that there’s a reclamation project to be executed in one of the top tourist destinations of the Philippines – no less than in Boracay Island.

Won't you want to see it like this a few years from now?

Boracay's white, fine sand

I read some articles to get a grasp of what this reclamation project is aiming to achieve.

Got the information below from and

The 10-year project estimated to cost more than P1 billion consists of reclamation and development projects in Caticlan and in Barangay Manoc-Manoc in Boracay.

Phase 1, which is estimated to cost P260 million, involves a 2.19-ha reclamation project at the northern end of the jetty port in Caticlan. The first phase, expected to be completed in 306 days, involves the expansion of the jetty port, and the construction of various structures and facilities for tourism-related activities and commercial purposes that will include an integrated transport terminal bay, common parking areas and huge recreational open-court space.  The governor has said that the project is essential in improving the support facilities for Boracay, bringing revenues to the province and creating more jobs.

A  foundation  based  in  Boracay  Island  on  Wednesday  filed a  petition  before the Supreme Court (SC) seeking to stop a reclamation project on the portions of Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.  In a petition for mandamus, the Boracay Foundation, Inc. sought for the issuance of a temporary environmental protection order (TEPO) by the SC in the world famous island resort.

The petitioners argued that there’s no more need for a reclamation project in Boracay Island, citing that, based on a study conducted by marine biologists from the University of the Philippines (UP), such a reclamation project would only result to sand erosion in Boracay.

They pointed out that the Boracay Island is considered as an “environmentally critical area”. They also argued that the reclamation project in Boracay Island violated the Local Government Code, adding that, the project is strongly being opposed by the municipal government and the barangays in Caticlan, Aklan.

Moreover, Loubelle Cann, president of the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI), claimed that the government of Albay plans to proceed with the project on a stage-by-stage basis.  She, meanwhile, said their organization is not opposed to the development and progress of Caticlan and Boracay, as long as it does not affect the ecosystem.

For me, the project aims for the betterment of the place.  More so boosting the tourism in Boracay and the Philippines as well.  However, if the safety of the coral reefs and our environment in general are at stake, make an alternative.  Developments are always good but not in the expense of our nature.  In the first place, Boracay became famous because of it’s white sand, pristine beaches and refreshing ambiance.  We don’t want to damage it just because we want to make business out of it.  I am one of the many people who’s against this project.  It just clearly states that this project will just generate money for businessmen while the paradise we have learned to love is suffering.


7 responses to “Boracay Reclamation Project – Boo!

  1. parang di maganda na maging commercialized ang boracay kasi masisira ang ganda nitio. at kailangan makapagboracay ako bago mawala ang ganda nito

  2. the last time i was at boracay was 11 years ago. for me, it’s fine as it is. masayado na sya maaabuse when you develop it further.

    every since, i’ve been against “overdeveloping” our tourist spots, especially our beaches.

    • I agree!.. hindi dahil sa nagiging puntahan ng tourist eh need na idevelop.. as a traveler, it would be very nice to see the place as it is, kaya sya nagugustuhang puntahan ng mga tao dahil sa natural and untouched beauty.. hindi dahil sa malls, wifi, hotels, etc.. eh di parang hindi ka rin umalis ng syudad nun..

  3. Reclamation Area?
    yun ba yung lugar kung saan dapat si chroky – mareklamo yun eh!
    kidding aside, the place shouldn’t be changed and left as it is. Eto kasing mga developer na ito walang iniisip kundi profit. They do not care about the environmental impact.
    I am not sure pero na feature na yata ito sa GMA News TV 11 dun sa Docu program produced by PCIJ.

  4. I am sure–ay hindi–I hope pala that they find a way to push with the project and at the same time protect not sacrifice the marine environment of the area. ako–pro development ako. we need that. if it is for the sake of progress, go. for sure there are ways naman to push for it safely. if other countries could implement mega projects with very minimal bad effect on the environment. why cant we.

  5. hindi bat gamit na gamit na nga ang boracay tapos gagawin pa nilang commercialized

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