At this point, I am quite having no urge to make any blog posts. But it’s not because that I ran out of stories to tell or information to share.  It’s just that (well, aside from “kat.amaran.com“) I have a lot of ideas running in my head (again!) that I don’t know which one to begin.  And oh, may I also add that I just had to settle some personal matters over the past few days.

Oh well, this won’t take long and knowing me, probably later you have another post to read after this.. 😛 hehe (labo eh??.. 😛)


6 responses to “Hiatus

  1. lol! echuserong to. ikaw pa. duduguin na naman ilong namin sa susunod mong post. nakakaintriga naman yang PERSONAL MATTERS. me paganyan ganyang ka pang nalalaman. hahaha!

    • haha.. PERSONAL MATTERS kasi may persons involved.. lol.. parang ngayon ko lang na realize na, tinamad lang talaga ako mag blog.. hehe 😛

  2. apir tayo jeff! i’m going through the same thing! hope it’s just a phase! 🙂

  3. anong personal matters to? trending na din ba ang rendering ulet?

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