To ban or not to ban Facebook?

If there’s one thing that does not need any introduction – it’s Facebook.  Yes, almost everyone with computers has an account with Facebook.  It definitely revolutionized our social lives through social networking – meeting friends online, making new friends and posting tons of pictures, etc. It’s been a part of our daily lives (my colleagues say yeah!) that even in our workplace, we spend time opening and checking those red notifications on the upper portion of our browsers. But this bring attention to some employers if Facebook and other social networking sites jeopardize their employees’ productivity during working hours.

No to Facebook?

I found an article on Yahoo! news that South Cotabato governor bans Facebook and other social networking sites in their government offices.  Apart from increasing efficiency among government employees, South Cotabato Governor Arthur Pingoy, Jr. explained that the capital office’s network server is also affected by the number of employees using social networking sites, watching online videos or playing games.  The cities of Parañaque, Makati, and Quezon City have put policies that provide limited access to such websites during work hours.  This is also the usual case in other companies, say – call centers. 😛 Most of the time, during idle hours some may really take part in doing this – and it’s a fact.  If a company is lenient in allowing these sites during operations, some still abuse it and again compromising their productivity at work.

For me, it can be a breather from the stress and other pressure you’re having from consequences of your job.  Lucky us, we’re not restricted from accessing these sites but of course we do it with carefulness and responsibility and NOT ALL THE TIME.  Who wants to be reprimanded anyway? 🙂 But, if the company policy clearly states that usage of such sites is STRICTLY PROHIBITED – I think there should be no question about it.  Just keep that status in your head and post (or tweet) it once you arrive home. 🙂


6 responses to “To ban or not to ban Facebook?

  1. no to facebook ban. di na ako makakapag-non-work.

    pero wag sana ma-ban ang blogspot :p

  2. sa office namin blocked ang facebook. i would say na dapat lang. i know some people are addicted to it and talagang magsusuffer anf work pag may fb sa office. at least do it at home na ang. 🙂

    • I agree.. kung garapalang facebook naman during work hours, do it instead sa bahay na lang.. baka maging cause pa ng suspension or termination.. 😛

  3. pag bawal, lalong ginagawa!

    personally, accomplishment for me yung hindi maglogin sa FB. so far, since January, i stopped browsing FB feeds, and i rarely put status (well except for albums and blog links). wala lang, im not really interested what’s going on with everyone, every minute of every day. kakaumay to stay to much updated. =)

  4. masarap ang bawal e. hahaha! actually, we in ITD have the access but we’re the one monitoring those restrictions. ganun naman talaga e. kanya kanyang powers yan. hahaha! However, we make it a point that no one will be caught. Yari kaming lahat. I agree…kahit kating kati ng mag post, isaisip at isapuso na lang muna kesa madamay lahat at pare parehong mawalan ng access.

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