TGIT – Thank God it’s Tramway

Ate Dot celebrated her birthday last July 2 and so a day before her BIG day, she invited us for an all new eat-all-you-can experience in Tramway, Timog Ave. Quezon City.  The good part is it’s her treat but the best part is yet to come. 🙂

An affordable buffet restaurant

Come in!

Tramway offers whole day buffet meals (check their site for schedules) and serves Chinese, Japanese and Filipino dishes but with separate time-durations.  There’s lunch and dinner, I just didn’t ask if there’s breakfast.  There will be two batches for the dinner buffet.  First is at 6PM-8PM, second is at 8PM-10PM.  We’ll have the first batch.  Does that mean that we have to finish eating before 8PM and leave on the dot? Answer is Yes. But according to one personnel, they don’t force the people to go out.  Good thing about it is they inform all the guests beforehand of the policy. Setting of expectations is an SOP. 🙂

I arrived as early as 5:20PM.  Thanks to my assumption that traffic going to MRT Ortigas Station from our office will be heavy and train going to Kamuning Station will be jampacked, I came in 40 minutes early.  But it’s not as bad as I thought.  As a matter of fact, I was able to take advantage of it because they opened at 5:30PM and the buffet table was ready.  I just waited for my sisters to arrive and secure a table for the four us.  A few minutes later, it’s CHOW TIME! 🙂

The interior

Reservations can be made

It would be helpful to make prior reservations especially during weekends.

And there's a lot of people already.. and it's only 5:40PM 😛

I should’ve prepared my camera minutes before people invaded the buffet table so that I got better shots of the food served.  I can’t blame them. We’re all hungry. lol

The Buffet haven

Sweet and Sour Pork + Yang Chow Rice

Sweet and Sour Pork is juicy and a little sweet.  I didn’t notice the “sour” part. 🙂

Chopsuey + Pansit

I am a fan of mixed vegetables because the mixture brings a better-tasting (not to mention, healthy) flavor.

Honey Glazed Ham? + Mapo Tofu

The ham is soft and the juiciness undoubtedly add enjoyment to your digging..

Steamed Fish

The belly part is…. delizioso.. 🙂 It’s sauce has a good mixture of salty and sweet ingredients.

Shanghai Rolls + Fried Chicken

Not quite sure if it really is Shanghai Rolls but I think it’s just wrapped with one. And oh,  Max’s offers unlimited fried chicken (which is until July 10 only), right? In Tramway, I can have it even beyond July 10. 🙂

Spiced Clams

To balance the heavy meal, they also serve this one of a kind dish. A treat to seafood lovers.

Maki galore

So that your mouth won’t get satiated with the common foods around, they placed a variety of Maki to fill up those hungry tummies.

Cream Puffs

Fried Wanton

After plunging ourselves to the main course, how about a dose of neautralizers for a healthy digestion? 🙂

Fruits and Veggies table

If you’re thinking about going back for a refill, worry not.  Though it looks like there’s a lot of people lining up, you can get as much food as you want.  Servers do not let the buffet table be empty with food.  They are always on the look out and make sure that the servings are more than enough.


Just like in any other buffet or eat-all-you-can restaurants, make sure to consume all the food you get.  Mind you, it’s EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN.. 🙂

The experience is great especially when shared with your family and loved ones.  For only 205Php (adult) and 138Php (kids), you can surely satisfy your bellies with good-tasting food.  Very much affordable, isn’t it? I just hope on the next visit, I would see cake slices of various kinds on the desserts’ table.  🙂

Some tips:

– Make sure to be ahead of the time to secure a table.  Though buffet dinner starts at 6PM, they allow people to get in as early as 5:30PM.

– If you’re going out in a big group, make reservations ahead of time.  They ask for 70% deposit.

– Check the buffet schedules so that no inconveniences will be encountered along the way.  They only accept CASH and has NO SERVICE CHARGE.

For more info, visit their site here.


10 responses to “TGIT – Thank God it’s Tramway

  1. pwedeeeeeeee.

    gusto ko din matry

  2. sulit!
    are they strict sa leftover policy?
    what i do – i pay first, then leave right away. so kung may leftover man ako, im already paid. hehe

    • hehe nice move ha.. 🙂 during that time, hindi ko naman napansin na may nasita sila.. Siguro pag talagang obvious na maraming left overs, that’s the time they’ll get your attention.. pero pag mga bits of meat lang, lusot na.. 🙂

  3. Anna Z. Vergara

    sulit talaga! Maki pa lang solve na ko hehehe….

    nice blog bro!

  4. Dati ko pa gustong itry toh! 🙂

  5. birthday ng anak ko dyan kmi pupunta sa saturday,eh yung drinks nga pala bottomless ba?

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