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Reflections on Visita Iglesia

Barely 3 years ago I was with Anne when I started Visita Iglesia. That was also the time when this blog should’ve been born. 3 years later, I did this again but this time visiting 7 churches only as compared to 14. But to clear it up, how many churches do we really need to visit? 7 or 14? Some visit 15.

According to Visita Iglesia’s website, CBCP cited seven (7) churches to visit during the Holy Thursday of Lent. Nowadays, some Filipinos choose to visit twice that number. Here’s the route we took as we head our way to visiting seven churches this Maundy Thursday.

1. Edsa Shrine

2.  San Beda

3.  St. Jude

4.  San Sebastian

These three candles represent my prayers for my family, my parents and myself.  May they always be safe and in good health.

5.  Quiapo Church

When I was a kid, Nanay used to bring me here every first Friday of the month even after school.  Friday is Quiapo day.  I was in grade school then.  I remember she always dresses me up like the Black Nazarene that time – but I don’t know what for.  All I know is she’s a devotee of the Black Nazarene.  Until this time, it gives me a different kind of feeling whenever I go to this church.  It’s serene.  Though it’s a number of miles away from Antipolo, I make sure I get to visit it during my birthday.

6.  Sta. Cruz Church

From Quiapo we walked our way to Binondo Church and we saw Sta. Cruz Church along the way. We pay a visit and say our prayers.

7.  Binondo Church

Aside from visiting 7 churches, other activities during Visita Iglesia include washing of the feet and station of the cross.  We finished at around 7:30 in the evening.

It’s so good to see families praying together and going from one church to another.  This is one thing that we haven’t done though we had other traditions we observe in our neighborhood during the Holy Week – that’s PABASA,  Processions during Holy Wednesday and Good Friday and Salubong during Easter Sunday.

As Catholics we have our respective responsibilities and duties to our religion.  Doing all these things are not merely a requirement – in my opinion.  As long as we keep our faith strong and do what we think is good for ourselves and others, we remain children of God.