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Cebu Pacific’s 99 Peso Promo Fare

As one of the Philippines’ largest airlines, Cebu Pacific announces its latest treat to every JUAN – 99Php (one-way) to all Domestic Flights.

Booking Period is from July 21 to 22, 2011 or until seats last.  Travel dates would be from October 1 until November 30, 2011.  It will surely be hard to find promo fares for famous travel destinations like Boracay (via Caticlan or Kalibo), Bohol (via Tagbilaran), Coron (via Busuanga), Puerto Princesa, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro to name a few.  That’s how it goes every time there’s a seat sale alert.

A few tips:

– If you’re traveling alone, it would be cheaper if you don’t avail of the baggage allowance options.  Just travel light and leave your cabinet at home.

– If you’re planning to have a vacation with your friends, inform them before hand so that when a promo fare like this is announced, you can easily book them for the trip.

– Always look for an alternative flight if you’re visiting a certain place. For example, to get to Bohol, you should book for Tagbilaran.  If there’s none available, Dumaguete or Cebu would be a good alternative.

– If you still can’t avail the promo fare, be patient and wait for other airlines to announce theirs.  For the sake of competition, others will definitely throw promos or even cheaper fares.

Mapanuri’s First!

I didn’t notice that it’s been a year already.  I started this mapanuri blog on but a few months after that I got curious in transferring it to the more popular  I started a few blog posts November of 2009 and just July of last year, I started to transfer all the posts.

A look from one year ago

It’s not the original look, it’s something yellow-ish and amateur-ish back then.. hehe

A brief history.  This came to the online world because of the blog conference hosted by our company.  The first time I blog and I won a netbook out of it – lucky eh?.. Since then, it gave me the motivation to put up my own blog – the thing that I have been wanting to do since college.  Why Mapanuri? My creative thinking is not working at that time so I just based it on how I am as a person.  I am the kind of person who is keen to details (if perfectionist is the word for it, so be it.. :P) but I am not perfect, so is everyone else that’s why I don’t consider myself a perfectionist. 🙂 I just want to utter my opinions on certain things whether it be entertainment, food, political, social, financial or whatever as long as I know that I am a part of it and it concerns me.  But along the way, it evolved and had some sense of direction (??).  I realized my love to travel.  With the motivation put on me by the travel blogs I am reading (see blogroll), I was greatly encouraged to push myself and get out of my comfort zone.   January of this year, I started plotting my own travel calendar (see Travels) 🙂

One year old! and getting older..

Before I was planning to put up a mini-contest, just like other blogs to give thanks ( as if andaming readers… haha) aside from boosting the site’s traffic in my blog’s first year lol.. I might do it some other time.  😛 Surely, I am very much thankful to all my readers and even blog-hoppers who are spending time to type in on their browsers, search mapanuri on google and click my link on other blogs, my fb/twitter walls as well as on my Yahoo Messenger status.  I appreciate it a lot.

Right now, I’m planning to transfer again and utilize/monetize my own domain which is  As some of you might notice, I am not very active in writing blogs recently because I’m also working and doing other personal stuff (pamangkin-sitting on the side hehe).  I’m keeping myself from multi-tasking, it gives me a headache. 🙂 But if I had that itch to write, no one can stop me.  I just want to make use of my own website and blog about my interests there – the usuals.. 🙂 Been also wanting to make it a travel/photoblog because I envy those travel photographers that are really good in taking photos of such beautiful places. 🙂 Soon, I’ll make up my mind and you’ll just be suprised.. lol 😛

Again, I am just thankful that some random people here on earth took time to read and comment on every blog post I make – though some are only a repost from news and current events.  I really really appreciate it! More thankful to those that I don’t personally know but due to consistent exchange of conversation, I was able to establish this kind of “online” relationship with them.  Someday, I would definitely meet all of you in person. But soon would be better.. 🙂 Basta walang magpapalibre.. hehe 😛

So that wraps up the first year and now on to the second. This is my 162nd post.  Compared to others, this is considerably few.  More active blogging on the 2nd year!. 🙂

One year old! and getting older..

The Script Live In Manila!

Last night, April 16, 2011, the Irish trio literally brought the Big Dome down with unending screams from fans as they staged their first ever concert in the Philippines.   Approximately 8,000-11,000 fans flocked to Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City to see, hear and rock with The Script’s well applauded performances. Composed of Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power, the band has earned famous and chart-topping singles from their 2 studio albums – The Script (2008) and Science and Faith (2010).

The gates were open as early as 6:30PM.  There were no front-acts to begin the show.  Here’s the night’s song set list:

You Won’t Feel A Thing
Talk You Down
We Cry
If You Ever Come Back
Before The Worst
If You See Kay
The End Where I Begin
Science And Faith
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
I’m Yours
Dead Man Walking
Rusty Halo

For The First Time

House lights off, time to start the show!

Screams all over Araneta as the band showed up on stage

The band on stage, fans went crazy!

The Script frontman, Danny O'Donoghue have the crowd sing The Man Who Can't be Moved with him

Glen Power, on drums

Mark Sheehan, on lead guitar

This time, with the bassist..

Danny described the crowd’s reception as CRAZY and full of energy.  He couldn’t hide the overwhelming welcome from their Pinoy fans.  So far, it’s the best audience they had in the course of their tour according to Danny.  I could attest to that because from start to finish, all I can hear were screams! 🙂 I couldn’t feel my eardrums working for a time there. 😛

Everyone’s excited and pumped up – myself included.  It’s the day I’ve been waiting for and you can tell it if you’re hearing The Script songs when you visit my blog. Yeah, I’m a huge fan! 🙂

Danny plays the keyboard and guitar

The crowd sung with the band all night long

They really had an amazing interaction with the audience not like other artists who just perform on stage.  They connect and as much as possible talk to their audience before jumping in to the next song.  They even shared that they can easily write and finish a song when they’re hanging out and drinking.  Mark Sheehan confessed that Danny is an expert in “Drunk Dialling”.  This happened when they were drinking together and suddenly Danny dialled a number on his phone and said whatever things he has in mind – to a girl.  This happens during times of his heartbreaks. 😀  They even asked the audience to raise the hands of those who do the same.  Mark Sheehan adds, “Those who didn’t raise their hands are effin LIARS!” 🙂

The group takes their bow..

The show lasted for 1.5 hours, ended a few minutes past 10 in the evening. I was definitely moved by the these men who can’t be moved.  Awesome night of pop/rock music!

Til next time!

And to those who might be askin’ if SLR cameras are allowed inside, the answer is NO (unless you have a media pass).  How come I was able to bring mine in? Let’s say, I’m just skilled in doing some dirty tactics sometimes and…. ONLY if needed! 😛 lol

Tickets from Gen Ad to Patron are all sold out a week prior to the concert.  Special thanks to the FB fan page of The Script Live in Manila – I was able to grab my ticket here a day before.

The Script and Science and Faith albums are still available in your favorite record bars.  Grab a copy and buy the original!

Ozine Fest 2011

Yesterday I checked out Ozine Fest 2011 – an annual event organized by the Otakuzine Anime Magazine staff to gather Anime Fans around The Philippines.  It was held in SM Megatrade Halls 2 and 3 in SM Megamall.  This is actually my first time to witness a cosplay event with hundreds of cosplayers to grace the stage – a total of 370 has registered.

Cosplay in the Philippines has evolved and this year showed that it was taken to the next level.  I myself was surprised to see both teens and adults putting on so much time and effort to create, style and enhance their costumes.  Hands down to them!  There were some who really found a way to stand out from the rest and catch the attention of the cosplay-goers and photographers.

The band opened the show at 4PM performing live anime songs.  I just forgot the name of band but they truly are amazing – pure talent.  Take a look at some of the photos I took while roaming around.  But forgive me, I’m no anime fan and I have no idea who’s who.  Except for Dragonball, Machine Man and Marvel characters.  Yes, I’m a kid of early 90’s.. 😛

And you might have noticed, I have a new domain based on the watermark of the pictures.. 🙂 Please visit my official photoblog site as well.  Thank you! 🙂

The Script Live in Manila! but…

One of the concerts I’m really, really looking forward ((and hoping) to watch.  Didn’t know they’re coming until I saw the ad in Star World.  I became an instant fan when I heard the song, “The Man Who Can’t be Moved” – a bitter/sweet record.  BTW, if you want to hear more of their songs, plug in your head/earphones and hit the iPod Nano Classic on the right panel of my blog (just in case you haven’t seen it yet.. :P) Listening to their songs makes you feel like listening to great movie soundtrack.  Superb!

This is a once in a lifetime chance so I might really go and watch them.  But first, I’m calling out to generous friends and friends of friends 🙂 who can hand me out discounted tickets (or a media pass.. hehe) to see the concert, pretty please please.. 🙂 I honestly can’t afford 4500php! 😦

Please send me an email at  I owe you bigtime if you could :)..