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TGIT – Thank God it’s Tramway

Ate Dot celebrated her birthday last July 2 and so a day before her BIG day, she invited us for an all new eat-all-you-can experience in Tramway, Timog Ave. Quezon City.  The good part is it’s her treat but the best part is yet to come. 🙂

An affordable buffet restaurant

Come in!

Tramway offers whole day buffet meals (check their site for schedules) and serves Chinese, Japanese and Filipino dishes but with separate time-durations.  There’s lunch and dinner, I just didn’t ask if there’s breakfast.  There will be two batches for the dinner buffet.  First is at 6PM-8PM, second is at 8PM-10PM.  We’ll have the first batch.  Does that mean that we have to finish eating before 8PM and leave on the dot? Answer is Yes. But according to one personnel, they don’t force the people to go out.  Good thing about it is they inform all the guests beforehand of the policy. Setting of expectations is an SOP. 🙂

I arrived as early as 5:20PM.  Thanks to my assumption that traffic going to MRT Ortigas Station from our office will be heavy and train going to Kamuning Station will be jampacked, I came in 40 minutes early.  But it’s not as bad as I thought.  As a matter of fact, I was able to take advantage of it because they opened at 5:30PM and the buffet table was ready.  I just waited for my sisters to arrive and secure a table for the four us.  A few minutes later, it’s CHOW TIME! 🙂

The interior

Reservations can be made

It would be helpful to make prior reservations especially during weekends.

And there's a lot of people already.. and it's only 5:40PM 😛

I should’ve prepared my camera minutes before people invaded the buffet table so that I got better shots of the food served.  I can’t blame them. We’re all hungry. lol

The Buffet haven

Sweet and Sour Pork + Yang Chow Rice

Sweet and Sour Pork is juicy and a little sweet.  I didn’t notice the “sour” part. 🙂

Chopsuey + Pansit

I am a fan of mixed vegetables because the mixture brings a better-tasting (not to mention, healthy) flavor.

Honey Glazed Ham? + Mapo Tofu

The ham is soft and the juiciness undoubtedly add enjoyment to your digging..

Steamed Fish

The belly part is…. delizioso.. 🙂 It’s sauce has a good mixture of salty and sweet ingredients.

Shanghai Rolls + Fried Chicken

Not quite sure if it really is Shanghai Rolls but I think it’s just wrapped with one. And oh,  Max’s offers unlimited fried chicken (which is until July 10 only), right? In Tramway, I can have it even beyond July 10. 🙂

Spiced Clams

To balance the heavy meal, they also serve this one of a kind dish. A treat to seafood lovers.

Maki galore

So that your mouth won’t get satiated with the common foods around, they placed a variety of Maki to fill up those hungry tummies.

Cream Puffs

Fried Wanton

After plunging ourselves to the main course, how about a dose of neautralizers for a healthy digestion? 🙂

Fruits and Veggies table

If you’re thinking about going back for a refill, worry not.  Though it looks like there’s a lot of people lining up, you can get as much food as you want.  Servers do not let the buffet table be empty with food.  They are always on the look out and make sure that the servings are more than enough.


Just like in any other buffet or eat-all-you-can restaurants, make sure to consume all the food you get.  Mind you, it’s EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN.. 🙂

The experience is great especially when shared with your family and loved ones.  For only 205Php (adult) and 138Php (kids), you can surely satisfy your bellies with good-tasting food.  Very much affordable, isn’t it? I just hope on the next visit, I would see cake slices of various kinds on the desserts’ table.  🙂

Some tips:

– Make sure to be ahead of the time to secure a table.  Though buffet dinner starts at 6PM, they allow people to get in as early as 5:30PM.

– If you’re going out in a big group, make reservations ahead of time.  They ask for 70% deposit.

– Check the buffet schedules so that no inconveniences will be encountered along the way.  They only accept CASH and has NO SERVICE CHARGE.

For more info, visit their site here.


Happy Dad’s Day!

Nope, not yet.  Father’s day is a little far from today. 🙂

I’m talking about DAD’s  – located in SM Megamall where we had our EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Merienda.

Disclaimer:  I didn’t have my SLR camera with me (tsk! I know.. ) but in situations like this, I can always rely on my camera phone. My 5800 baby.. 😛

Kain Ta!

Merienda time starts at 3pm ’til 5pm and for only 169Php per head, I bet those anacondas in your bellies will be surely satisfied.

Now what’s on the buffet table.  Take a look.

Meet the eat-all-you-can gang.. L-R: Jodelyn, Stayz and Eric. Irman's left at the table. He'll take his turn once we get back.

We arrived a few minutes before 3PM.  There were no long lines yet so we’re lucky enough to pick every food that entices us – or better yet just get all of ’em. 🙂

Okoy and Okoy with Lugaw on the side

Jodie got two plates on her hands and she just gets a few each kind. Tutal naman eh maghahati hati rin kami paglanding nyang mga yan sa table. 😛 But I didn’t eat any of it. Di lang ako mahilig sa okoy.. hehe

Tokwa't Baboy and Pansit Bihon

A few serving on the plate again. Lagay lang ng lagay, excited eh.. hehe

In Tagalog: BIko - a kind of sweetened Rice Cake

This is one of my favorites since I was a kid.  This is always present whenever we have an occasion to celebrate in my Inang’s house. Got two pieces. Mabigat sa tiyan to eh. 😛

Turon - Banana Fritter

An all-time favorite Pinoy merienda.  I just had a few bites because I enjoyed eating spaghetti – a lot!

Kamote Cue

Sugar-coated sweet potato! – oha.. 😛 lol

Palitaw - Rice Dumpling

Another heavy for the stomach (mabigat sa tiyan!) lol 😛

Puto - Pinoy Rice Muffin

While I am writing this post, I realize that it also nourishes my brain. Why? It’s because I am learning the english terms for all of these.. 🙂 Instant English 101! BTW, I just had a single bite of it.  Walang lasa para sa akin..

Paansit Palabok & Dinuguan

Sumarap na ang Puto.. hehe 😛 Ayan na ang kapartner eh.. 😛

Lumpiang Ubod at Bilo-bilo

Fresh Spring Rolls and Rice balls! – oha! again.. 😛

Spaghetti and Carbonara

What’s the Tagalog term? hehe.. Though, not an original Pinoy food, it has been a part of a Pinoy merienda (snack).  Especially when it’s sold at the side streets.

I didn’t notice that it’s Carbonara at first glimpse.  Akala ko buko salad.. 🙂

I had a lot of serving of that spaghetti that made my tummy full already.  It was so sweet and juicy that I enjoyed it very much. This is the very reason why I only had a few bites of camote cue and turon.  This is where the gang gets in the picture.. hehe They helped me consume what I still have on my plate (I know sharing is not allowed… shhhhhh! :P) What are friends “ARE” for?..  lol 😛


I had four. That proves that it tastes so good. 🙂


I thought it was burrito (tsk!) but apparently it’s not.  Could’ve been more delicious if served a little hot.


What’s a buffet merienda if you won’t have Burgers! But I didn’t. Blame it to McDonalds near our office. Almost everyday, a burger day 😛

Flavored French Fries

Same with the burgers.. it’s an almost everyday thing for me.. 😛

Unknown type of Cake

It’s a chocolate cake but I don’t know exactly.  It tastes good according to Jodi.


I decided not to get one because I fixed my eyes on the one beside it.

Here it is.

Fried Siomao

With a steamed version just beside it as well.  Both have an addicting taste that’s why a plate of 6 each won’t be enough.  I’m talking about the plate on my left hand.  My right’s still empty.. 😛

Mami in Dad's

Cream Puffs

The culprit of the senseless conversation! 😛 I’ll keep it to ourselves.  One thing’s for sure, hindi sya egg pie at hindi sya bavarian!.. 😛 Right, Jodi and Eric? hehe

Plate number 1

No drinking of water.

Plate Number 2

Sip.. Sip.. baka mabusog agad eh..

Plate Number 3

Don’t worry the plates aren’t that big. It just looks big in the picture. 🙂

Plate number 4

This is the plate on my right hand.. 😛

I'm on a diet.. 😛

If eating in an eat-all-you can restaurant, the first rule is of course making sure that you’re stomach has all the space available.  As an unsolicited advice, just also make sure to only get those that you want to eat.  Quality goes first before quantity.  If you want to try something else, just get a few then just go back if you’d like the taste.

169Php for a buffet snack was indeed a very good deal.

P.S.  I find it fun to discover all their English terms.  However, I really don’t have to translate all of them.  Besides, they’re all Pinoy food.  What’s wrong if I call them as they are? 😛

What’s the best value for a hundred pesos?

Would you -?

A.  Buy a prepaid card?

Texting-texting, surfing-surfing and calling-calling your loved ones and your LOVED ONE?


oftentimes, you consume it for a day only… still, you need to reload afterwards..

B.  Exchange for a Starbucks Gift Certificate?

For a soothing dose of Java Chip Frapuccino and free wi-fi? (with chismisan on the side) 😛


You’ll still add 55Php pesos for a Tall size…

C.  Ride a cab?

For a much convenient way going to the office or else where?


40php flag down and it’s rush hour? Unlucky you,  your 100php won’t make it.

D.  Buy a Value Meal in your favorite fast food chain?


But upgrade to LARGE Fries and Drink would cost 25Php more?..

E.  Or perhaps…. spend it in an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN restaurant????

100Php for real?

I’ve been curious to try this 100 peso eat-all-you-can resto located in Claveria Plaza along Circumferential Road in Antipolo.  I must admit that I have my hesitations at first and questioning what are the kinds of food they offer.  It’s hard to believe to eat all the food you can for only 100Php.  Then the time has come to put it to a test. 😛

Simple and pretty neat interiors

Wondering where’s the buffet table? Here.

All Filipino food

Pick your pick!

The banana leaf - a part of Pinoy Dining

Lutong-bahay ang setup. I was a little surprised because there are quite a number to choose from.  Gutom na ko kaya Tara Let’s Eat!

Adobong Baboy, Pakbet, Pritong Salay, Spareribs and Pasta

Gutom ka na no?

To balance the over intake of fats.. 😛


Commence Eating!

The verdict? Nothing special on the taste but it’s not bad as well.  Authentic Pinoy cooking for a very affordable price. You really get the value of your 100Php in every dig. Alternative (less expensive) ingredients might have been used to spice up the dishes that’s why it’s appealing to budget conscious people. Though they are very strict on three things:

No Sharing

No Left Overs

and No Take Home ;P

When you get to visit Antipolo soon, you may try My Pot Restaurant.

Joy’s Confessions @ Jay-J’s

Hep.. hep!.. Disclaimer:  Walang mabubunyag dito Ate Joy, what stays in Jay-J’s, stays in Jay-J’s.. Kung may lumabas man eh, tanungin mo si Liezl at si Boggs.. hehe

Courtesy of Jay-J’s website


After watching Teatrong Busko’s play, “Sinong Nag-imbento ng mahal-mahal na ‘yan?” in DBTC Mandaluyong, we went straight to Metrowalk to have our dinner.  I, along with Boggs, Liezl and Ate Joy chose Jay-J’s.

A little background about the resto:

4M’s  –  Masarap,   Mura,  Malinis,  Maganda, –  these are the guiding business principles of Jay-J’s Chicken Inasal Restaurant in which caters from class A to C of our society.
Jay-J’s Chicken Inasal Restaurant’s menu not just covers Grilled Chicken but also a variety of Filipino dishes – from seafood, to poultry, to meat.  Most of them are owners family dishes recipes that are enhanced to the taste of our customers.  We do not only assure that the food taste better than home cooking, but we make it affordable to all.
Along with the appetizing dishes, what makes it enjoyable to dine is its restaurant ambience.  Truly Filipino setting though modernized zen-style, the walls are adorned with bamboo to create a homey, even provincial ambience.

Serving time is 10-15 minutes only.  I didn’t even notice it.  😛

And here’s what we had for dinner: (The rest will be written in Tagalog, para mas madama ang pagka Pilipino sa mga pagkaing ito.. :D) Kainan na!

Turron na double R

Single R lang ang alam ko pero sa menu kasi nila, double R. Sus, di naman big deal.. hehe  Medyo kumikinang at parang coated pa ng asukal ang labas.  Kahit hindi na mainit at medyo hinuli namin ang pagkain nito eh panalo pa rin sa lasa.. Masarap!

Nakasanayan ng mga Pilipino  na kumain sa dahon ng saging lalo na kung isang buong dahon ang nasa mesa at sabay-sabay kakain ng naka-kamay.

Ensaladang Mangga


Manggang hinog kumakain ako pero manggang hilaw?.. Ayaw… Hindi ako maarte sa pagkain pero tulad ng iba na may ayaw kainin, isa yan sa nasa listahan ko.. 😀 Pero tinikman ko pa rin at nagustuhan ko naman yung lasa kahalo na ng kamatis, sibuyas at bagoong (o alamang?.. ) Manamis-namis yung alamang at pag pinagsama-sama ang lasa, panalo rin..


Isa lang ang naalala ko nung tinikman ko ‘to – yung kare-kare ng Gerry’s Grill sa Subic! hindi dahil lasang kare-kare to pero dahil sa level ng sarap nya.  Yung kare-kare na yun ang pinaka-memorable sa lahat ng kare-kare sa Pilipinas.  Sobrang sarap kasi! 😛

Masasarap magluto ang mga Chef sa Jay-J’s. Napapabilib na ko.. 🙂

Litson Kangkong


Gets nyo ba ba’t yan ang tawag?.. hehe Nauubusan na ako ng term sa Tagalog.. ah basta, Masarap yan! 😛



Pati eto, masarap!

Buko Pandan

Kala ko nung una eh kakaunti pa yung naorder namin. Pero nung pinagsama-sama na eh halos hindi na magkasya sa mesa namin.  At etong Buko Pandan, kala ko hindi na darating.  Dahil kung hindi, balak ko na sanang pa-cancel.. BOCHOG na ko eh… 😛 Masarap yan.. lahat masarap!.. 🙂

Almusal sa Gabi - Tapsilog


All-day breakfast ang inooffer sa Jay-J’s kaya sa mga ginagawang araw ang gabi at gabi ang araw, pwedeng-pwede sa Jay-J’s mag-almusal kahit anong oras. 🙂  Ito ang order ni Ate Joy.  Hindi ko alam kung anong meron dito at bigla syang nag open up.. Confessions up ahead.. hehe

Kaso baka dyahe kay Ate Joy (na sana eh hindi naman magalit… hehe) pag nabanggit ko dito yung mga kinwento nya (yun eh kung mabasa nya to.. hehe :P) Kaya, clues na lang.. hehe

Gym + Tattoo + Adidas =

Notice that I only used my smartphone to take shots of the food.  ‘Di ko na kasi binitbit yung camera ko, day off nya muna ngayon.. 🙂

Visit any Jay-J’s branches for a great taste of Pinoy Food.

Sweet Cakes by Sweet Marys

In the previous post (Banchetto), I mentioned that I got a free Blueberry Cheesecake.  It’s from Sweet Marys’ (apostrophe is at the end because it’s a family business with her sisters and all of them have Mary in their names).  It’s very unexpectedly.  Before that I was just taking pictures of all the food I see without minding everybody else.  Walang paki kung siksikan, basta makapicture! 😀

Before I ended up here, I was just looking for the rest of the gang.  It’s 2AM and my tummy’s crumbling.  I checked my phone but no text from them so I decided to text Eric (na naka-globe. :P). No reply after a few minutes so I decided to look for them while taking pictures.  Then, I saw this attractive Salmon Belly served along with other special dishes.  I pointed my camera and took some snaps because it’s irresistible. 

Looks and tastes good

Pinkish na Orange-ish na Salmon Belly!

Then I heard a lady telling me to make those shots good.. 🙂 She’s the owner of the stall.  Miss Mary asked me what’s the purpose of taking pictures.  I simply said it’s for my blog. Then in her delight, she shared a story where their business was featured in one blog. Our conversation continued because she’s really curious why blogging is a trend nowadays and what do I get from it.  She handed me crinkles and asked to taste it.  Syempre hindi na ko nahiya.. hehe

Crinkles by Sweet Mary

I noticed that they offer free taste as well.  Ayos nga naman para may preview ung mga bibili of what it taste like. There’s crinkles, dark chocolate cake, brownie oatmeal and the blueberry cheesecake that are free to try.  All tasted good though I’m not a fan of chocolate cakes, tamang-tama lang ang tamis but I fell for the blueberry cheesecake.  That’s why I ordered a slice for 85Php. Miss Mary excused herself for a while because of an incoming call.  I checked out other cakes while waiting for my order.

Chocolate Decadence

Oreo Cheesecake

Carrot Cake

I handed out my payment but Miss Mary told me to keep it.  She’s giving it to me for FREE!.. 😀 I was really surprised because it’s very unexpected.  It’s not everyday that I get something I want for free that’s why it’s very much appreciated.


The sweet slice..

Sweet Marys’ Cakeshop (Commissary) is located at #1 Clarinda Soriano cor. Aurora Pijuan St. GF Resort Village, Talon Dos, Las Piñas.  You can also check out their stall in Banchetto Food Market, every Friday night at F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

For orders, please call: 02-3830044