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Chillax at Seisha

We just had our dose of caffeine in Seisha Coffee in Antipolo.  After endulging ourselves to loads of carbohydrates, (thanks to the town fiesta) and playing Tekken 5 in Ynares Center Bazzaar, Marie asked for a sip of coffee.  Seisha Coffee (near Antipolo Cathedral) is one of the many coffee shops in Antipolo offering caffeine beverages, teas, fruit juices and pastries.  It’s located in a new commercial building in P. Oliveros Street and can be easily recognized.  The look seems relaxing and vibrant because of the combination of lights and the interior design is appealing.




The paintings on the wall added appeal to its overall look.  I just don’t know if the paintings are for sale because most of them have price tags 😀  The restroom is well organized and clean as well.  By the way, this is the first thing I checked because it’s one of the most neglected and taken for granted in an establishment.  Good thing theirs is not stinky.

Enough of what the eye says, it’s the tongue’s turn.  Marie ordered Triple-berry mocha frap (raspberry, strawberry and blueberry – that’s what makes it triple.. yey :P), Caramel frap for Gelow and Capuccino for Rodemp.  The tripleberry frap does not taste very berry – it tastes something else.  More like an alcoholic drink as Marie says so.  I ordered Strawberry-banana smoothie which by the way made me think if strawberries nowadays are already pink and not red.  I hope it’s due to the banana effect only that’s why it’s pink.  In all fairness, it tastes good though I didn’t capture the presence of strawberry in my smoothie though it’s still refreshing.




Their Seisha Clubhouse is not bad at all and also reasonably priced.  On the cakes and pastries shelf, I first noticed that their cheaper than other coffee shops.  For example, the blueberry cheesecake costs  80Php only per slice.  The one displayed is bigger than I expected – that’s why I thought it was cheaper. But wait until you ordered it and you’ll notice that the slice you saw displayed is not the one you’ll get.  They displayed 2 slices and make it look like one so that the customer will think that it’s bigger – nice marketing strategy but definitely a turn-off.