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COD @ Greenhills Shopping Center

COD (not Cash on Delivery) was very popularly known during the ’60s and 70’s for fascinating moving mannequin plays performing at the facades of the C.O.D. department stores in Avenida and Cubao. In the 1960s, the main show was held in C.O.D. Avenida but was transferred to C.O.D. Cubao in the 1970s. The show lasted from the early days of December up to January 6 or the Feast of Three Kings.  C.O.D. is an acronym for Christmas on Display. The show attracted huge number of viewers since it could be viewed free and even from a distance. The show usually starts at seven o’clock in the evening. By that time, people would begin to gather in front of the C.O.D. facade in anticipation.

I can still recall the time (I was 5-7 years old then) when my Inang and Tatang will take us, along with my cousins, to Cubao to watch the Christmas display of mannequins.  We’ll use one of their jeepneys to go there with Tiyo Boy or Tatay as our driver.  We watch the show from afar because there’s always a lot of people.

“Lagi pa kaming nakatingala dahil nasa taas yung mga mannequin, naglalakad kunwari from left to right”.  “Na-appreciate na naming mga bata noon yung mga simpleng galaw ng paa’t kamay at ulo nga mga mannequin.  Elibs at tuwang-tuwa na kami dun.” “Yun nga lang, di pa uso ang digicam at wala pa kaming camera nun.  Lahat ng memories eh nasa utak ko lang.. :)”

We’ll watch the show for a few minutes then we’ll eat our sandwiches and zesto juice drink sa jeep, picnic style bigla! 🙂 Pagkatapos, diderecho kami sa Fiesta Carnival para magperya.. perya ang tawag ko sa karnabal nun –  pero ngayon alam ko na kaibahan.. hehe Shopwise na ang dating Fiesta Carnival ngayon.

Thank goodness for Greenhills Shopping Center because they relive the tradition which has been part of every Filipino’s Christmas.  From COD to ACD (Animated Christmas Display), GSC started it years ago and now it has become more interesting and enjoyable.  With the help of modern robotics, you can see a lot of mannequin movements while presenting a Christmas story with Filipino values and tradition.  Tagged as Christmas in Wonderland, take a look at the following photos:


The forefront.. the show has began!

Reindeers come out as Santa approaches

Santa Claus goes house to house to give the kids their presents!

The gift giving goes on..

and attempts to sneak from the chimney! - Bakit ba trip na trip nya sa chimney? 😛


.. Another home is waiting for Santa..


.. And another one..

.. and yet another one.. ang yaman talaga ni Santa! Sino kaya sponsor nya no?

and the last one..


This depicts the birth of Jesus Christ with the Angels singing..

The show starts at 6:30PM and runs every 30-minutes.  Kids as well as adults will enjoy watching it.  You can still catch it until January 2, 2011 at GSC Parking 1-B.